392nd Bomb Group Memorial Association

The 392nd Bomb Group Memorial Association was formed in 1985. The Association currently has more than 500 members who gather once a year for a reunion and publish a newsletter quarterly. They also support this website and further research of the 392nd BG during WWII.


President, Jim Goar

Jim was Base Transportation Officer at the Wendling base. He is a real estate broker. He now lives in Frankfort, IN.

Vice President, Bob Books

Bob is the one who has designed, built and continues to maintain this website. He is the son of 579th pilot, Dallas Books, KIA, March 18, 1944, 392nd mission #53, the Friedrichshafen mission.

This site was put online March, 1999 as a tribute to the Books Crew using the research of Jim Marsteller. Shortly after in April of that year, additional material from Bob Vickers was added and researcher Ben Jones joined the team. Then Greg Hatton joined the team in June and brought a wealth of his POW research to the site. In October of 1999, the 392nd BGMA adopted the site as the official site of the 392nd Bomb Group. The site continues to develop with additional researchers, historians and resources.

Bob has built the websites for the 8th Air Force Historical Society and the Heritage League of the 2nd Air Division and serves as a consultant for Gulf Coast Internet Services.

Secretary/Treasurer, Annette Tison

Annette is the editor or the 392nd BG News. She is also the primary researcher on the April 29, 1944 mission to Berlin.

After several years of research on The Wyatt crew, including her uncle, 2Lt Douglas N. Franke, Annette Tison has completed one of the most intense and complete documentation of any mission that the 392nd bomb group flew. Her in depth detailed results which can be seen in her recent article by clicking here.

In addition to editing and publishing the quarterly 392nd News, she and her staff's website contributions include the research and recording of all 285 Mission Aircrew Loading Lists, Ground Crew Histories and the continuing updates of stories and photos.

John Gilbert   392nd BGMA Representive in England

John is our official representative in England. He spends a lot of time and effort "perpetuating the legacy" of the 392nd BG in Norfolk, England.

John's association with the 8thAFHS began in World War II. His family was bombed out of their home in Norwich and relocated to Wendling. As a young lad of about 8, he regularly visited the base. His mother did laundry for many of the 392nd's personnel (and for the station football team!) so the Americans were constant visitors to his home. As the Yanks drove away from the base in 1945, they tossed bundles and bundles of comic books into his yard.

John brings American visitors to the sites where they, their fathers, uncles, and cousins lived and the runways from which they flew. At the end of the tour, he brings them to his home to see his extensive 8AF memorabilia collection. Then, while they enjoy a wonderful dinner provided by his wife, Doris, he answers their questions.

The impact of what John does extends far and wide. An annual ceremony to honor Norfolk soldiers killed in the WWI battle of Gallipoli is held at Dersingham where military representatives from the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and Turkey attend. For the last several years, John has not only been invited to attend but also to display his 8thAAF memorabilia in the village hall where guests met after the service, which is quite an honor. For many years, he has been invited to North Elmham's three-day festival where thousands of visitors attend. He has represented the 8AF at annual wreath-laying ceremonies and at dedication ceremonies for new memorials in England. He is a regular participant in lectures and other events at the Second Air Division Memorial Library in Norwich.

 Greg Hatton

Current resident Brooklyn NY. Educated at Long Island University (BA Psychology) and CCNY (credits in Architecture); Carpenter and woodworker by trade, historian by avocation; began POW and 392nd BG research 1985, member AXPOW, 392nd BG Memorial Assoc., 8th AF Historical Society (Editor NY Southern Wing Chapt. Newsletter); wrote and published "Stories My Father Never Told Me" 1992 (dist. by Motorbooks and currently available Motorbooks Ltd.); contributed articles to AXPOW Bulletin, Harbor Watch; member Stalag Luft IV Monument Committee; most influential associations: Richard Boylan (National Archives), Duane Reed ( USAF Academy Library); Joseph Odonnell (author "Shoe Leather Express"); Frank Paules (Former MOC Stalag Luft 6 and 4); Donald Kirby (Columbus - Ohio P.D., survivor Luft 6 and 4); Ernest Barber (archivist 392nd BG Mem. Assoc.); Lt. Col.(ret.) James Muldoon (392nd BG Mem. Assoc.); Oliver Guillot (member Kaminitsa crew 392nd BG); Jeff Ethell (author, aviation historian).

 Ben Jones

Ben, was elected to the 392BGMA board of directors in September, 2002.

Ben grew up close to the Wendling Air Base in England and became known to the boys of the 392nd as 'the kid on the bike', because he would meet the returning veterans as they toured the former base and show them the items he had found.

Ben attended several of the 392nd reunions, the very first one being in Hilton Head South Carolina in 1989, as a guest of the late J.D. Long. It was at a reunion in England in 1992 that he met Jim Marsteller, who was to become a very dear friend of his and was the start of many exciting adventures together, many of which are on this website.

Collecting has always been another hobby of Ben's, and he displays his collections of memorabilia at the reunions which always attract great interest.

Now married and serving in the military in upstate New York, he continues his family military tradition and is preserving the memory of all those veterans gone before him with his research and education of others.

Oak Mackey


 Jim Marsteller

Jim is the Nephew of 579th Flight Engineer, Jim Morris, KIA, March 18, 1944.

Jim, was elected to the 392BGMA board of directors in October, 2001. He is also a member of the 8th Air Force Historical Society, the 2nd Air Division Association and Heritage League. Jim joined the 392ndBGMA in 1991.

Jim has spent over 19 years of research of the Books crew where his uncle was KIA, on the Friedrichshafen mission. His research also includes 4 other crews who crashed on that date. Jim is widely known by the men and women of the 8th A.A.F. as a primary researcher. Jim and his wife, Karen, live in New Park, PA.

Bill McCutcheon

Bill is a retired U. S. Forest Service Research Engineer and former officer in the National Federation of Federal Employees. He lives in Brookfield, Wisconsin, with his wife, Gloria. They have two daughters.

Bill is the son of 392nd BG, 576th Sqdn., navigator James McCutcheon.

 George Michel


Tom Perry   Chaplain


Dennis Rogers

Gold Star son of Gerald (Buck) Rogers the pilot of Double Trouble, KIA 20 April 1944. Dennis first reunion was in Savannah Georgia October 1999. Dennis now lives in Idaho with his wife and several animals (pets).

 Jack Rotzien


 Ralph Winter

Ralph has been coming to reunions since Savannah in 2013. He is the Gold Star son of 1/Lt Ralph Lamma, KIA on 13 Nov 1943. Ralph went to Wendling with the Heritage League in May 2014 and wrote a tribute to John Gilbert for the Dec 2014 News. Elected to the Board of Directors at the Omaha reunion in 2015. He will be a great asset to the Board of Directors.

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