Sorted By Last 3 Digits Of Aircraft Serial Number

41-29002 MIA 21-Sep-44 over the North Sea; See MACR 10206
42-7004 Transferred to Alamogordo Sub Depot
42-100005 Old Man Boston Marclar Crashed 29-Jan-44 at Gissing, England after mid-air collision. See CNLIM for 29-Jul-44.
42-7008 Transferred to 302nd BG, Clovis, NM
42-7009 Transferred to 471st BG, Pueblo
42-7010 Transferred to Alamogordo Sub Depot
42-95012 Trips Daily MIA 2-Dec-44; See MACR 11143Nose Art
42-95023   Transferred to 392nd from 492nd BG after 6-Aug-44 mission. Flew just 1 mission with the 392nd BG crashed 12-Aug-44 at Maxwell Farm, Cheshunt, Hertfordshire, England. See CNLIM for 12-Aug-1944.
42-95025   Crash landed 15-Jun-44 at Eye, Suffolk, England due to battle damage.   See MACR 5900
42-7026   Transfer to Pueblo
42-95027   MIA 23-Jun-44 ; See MACR 6215
42-110027   MIA 21-Jun-1944   See MACR 6158
42-110028   While returning early from an operational mission on 4 May 1944, this plane was landed before the nose wheel was fully extended. The nose wheel gave away and the aircraft overshot into a field beyond the end of the runway.
MIA 7-Jul-44:   See MACR 07218
42-95031 Mary Louise Had a landing acident on 19-Jan-45, then crashed 16-Feb-45 at Pudding Norton, near Fakenham, England after being abandoned. See the Mission Summary for 16-Feb-45. The crew chief was S/Sgt Eugene S. Goldsby.   See Photo
42-95033   MIA 11-Jul-44   See MACR 7497   See Photo
42-7035   Transferred to Alamogordo
42-95035 Call Me Later Crash landed 29-Jun-44 at Wendling, England   See Mission Summary for 29-Jun-44  See Photo
42-95037 Sally Crash landed 29 Jun 29 1944 at Frettenham, England   See CNLIM for 29-June-44   See Nose Art
42-29038   Transferred to Alamogordo Sub Depot
42-7039   Transferred to Alamogordo
42-95040 Silver Streak Returned to USA June 1945. In Oct 1944, the 465th Sub Depot Sheet Metal Dept. had to patch up 392 flak holes scattered throughout her structure ("an all-time record job" per that unit's history).  On 20-Mar-45, she was strafed on her hardstand by a German intruder plane. See the Mission Summary for 20-Mar-45.    See Nose Art
42-7041   Transferred to 330th BG, Alamogordo
42-95041   MIA 6-Jul-44 in the North Sea   See MACR 7496
42-95045   Shot down by anti-aircraft fire Southeast of Neubukow/Mecklenburg at 1240 hours; See MACR 05213
42-7049   Transferred to Pueblo.
42-29052   Crashed 31-Jul-43 near Topeka Army Air Base, Topeka, Kansas.     See Non-Combat Accident Report 31-July-43
41-29056   Transferred to Topeka
42-110058 Lyndy Transferred July 44 to another bomb group, perhaps 453rd BG.   See Nose Art
41-29058   Transferred to 331st BG, Caspar
41-79059   Transferred to Fairmount, Nebraska
41-29060   Transferred to Caspar, Wyoming
42-95060   MIA 19-May-44; See MACR 4925
42-5461   Transferred to Alamogordo Sub Depot
42-7061   Transferred to 330th BG, Alamogordo
42-110061   MIA 8-Apr-44; See MACR 3937 This was the first mission for both the plane and crew
41-29061   Transferred to Tucson
42-110062   MIA 29-Apr-44; See MACR 4445   Please see The Berlin Bombing Mission article
42-7063   Transferred to Pueblo.
42-7065   Transferred to Alamogordo
44-40067 Big Fat Mamma Loaner from the 466th BG to the 579th BS; returned to 466th.
42-95070 Rap 'Em Pappy II Crashed 3-Aug-44 in the North Sea after being abandoned.
42-7071   Crashed after mid-air collision; See the mission page for 15-Jun-43.
42-7072   Transferred to 471st BG, Pueblo
42-7075   Transferred to 471st BG, Pueblo
42-95079 Puss 'N Boots Came to the 392nd from the 467th BG, where it was named Kathleen. Returned to USA June 1945. See Kathleen Nose Art.   See Puss 'N Boots Nose Art
42-52083 Out House Mouse MIA 4-Jan-1944. See MACR 1911.
42-95092   Mid-air collision with B-24H 42-28731 of the 576th BS at 1130 hours on 5-Jul-44 while returning from a practice mission. Crashed and burned in cornfield at Foxley, Norfolk. See CNLIM for 5-July-44.
42-110096 Good Conduct
later becoming Sharp Character
Transferred on 9-Aug-44 to 492nd BG. The names were on opposite sides of the plane so it may have gone by both names. See Good Conduct Nose art.   See Sharp Character Nose Art.
42-110097   Transferred 7-Aug-44 to 389th BG
42-52097 Lonesome Polecat Likely served with the 448th and 93rd BGs before being assigned to the 392nd. MIA 9-Apr-44; See MACR 3944.   See Nose Art.
42-100100 Double Trouble Two crewmen became POWs on 18-Mar-44; See MACR 4256. MIA 29-Apr-44; See MACR 4444.  and  The Berlin Bombing Mission   See Nose Art.
42-100102 Texas Refugees MIA 24-Feb-44. See MACR 2950.
42-51103   Returned to USA June 1945
42-95103 Berlin Bitch Crashed 13-Jul-44 at Wrangle Common, Lincolnshire, England. See CNLIM for 13-July-44.
42-110105   MIA 29-Apr-44; See MACR 4446.  and  The Berlin Bombing Mission
44-40105   MIA 24-Apr-44; See MACR 4292.
42-7106   Had a landing accident at Alamogordo.
42-51106   Transferred to the 392nd from the 466th BG. MIA 11-Jul-44; See MACR 7495.
42-51107   Crashed 2-Aug-44 at Lymbridge Green, Elmsted, Kent, England, after being abandoned. See the mission summary for 2Aug44.
42-100117 Delayed Action MIA 18-Mar-44; See MACR 3329.
42-51118   Transferred in Aug 1944 from 492nd BG to 392nd. Returned to USA June 1945.
42-95118 Alfred V Returned to USA June 1945  See plane landing.   See Nose art.
42-51121 Niagara Special Transferred from the 492nd BG to the 392nd. Crashed 16-Jan-45 near Conflans-En-Jarney, France, after being abandoned. See The Legacy of the Niagara Special.   See Nose art.
41-29125 Tar Heel Baby Transferred after arrival to 446th BG (707th BS)   See Nose art.
42-51125   MIA 20-Jun-44; See MACR 6156.
42-51126 Umbriago Crash landed 7-Oct-44 on the Continent and salvaged 16-Nov-44. See Mission summary for 7-Oct-44.   See Nose art.
41-29127 Li’l Gypsy MIA 18-Mar-44; See MACR 3517.   See Nose art.
41-51128 Tovarich Named by M/Sgt Stephen Dergo in honor of his Russian ancestry. Returned to USA June 1945.   See Nose art.
42-7128   Transferred to 302nd BG, Clovis, NM.
42-7129   Transferred to Alamogordo Sub Depot
41-29129   The Neff crew, aboard 41-29129, had a landing accident upon returning from the Gotha mission on 24-Feb-44.  MIA 19-May-44; See MACR 5096.   See Landing accident.
41-29131 Spirit of '46, later Flying Patch Originally assigned to the 446th BG, then to the 389th BG, then to the 392nd. See CNLIM for 24-Feb-44,  mission page for 8-Mar-44,  mission page for 12-Jul-44,  MACR 8847,  Flying Patch Nose art.   Designated as War Weary on 18 Sep 1944.  Transferred 26-Nov-44 to Greencastle, Ireland. M/Sgt Hubert H. Lee was the crew chief.
42-7134   Transferred to 471st BG, Pueblo
41-29135 Last Frontier Crashed 20-Dec-43 at West Bradenham, England. See CNLIM for 20-Dec-43.   Nose art drawing.
42-95135   MIA 20-Jun-44; See MACR 6157.
42-7136   Transferred to 34th BG, Salinas
42-95136   MIA 29-May-44; See MACR 5212.
42-7137   Transferred to 302nd BG, Clovis, NM
42-95137 Merry Mac I Crashed 29-May-44 at Thorpe, near Norwich, England. See mission summary for 29-May-44. Named by the Schafer crew.
41-1138   Transferred to Davis-Monthan Field.
42-7138   Transferred to 19th ??, El Paso
42-7145   Transferred to 471st BG, Pueblo
42-51145   Returned to USA June 1945
42-7146   Crashed after mid-air collision; See the Mission page for 15-Jun-43.
42-51150 I Walk Alone Was transferred to the 392nd BG from the 467th BG. Crashed 22-Mar-45 at Whitehouse Farm, Horstead, England;  See CNLIM for 22-Mar-45.
42-95151 Monotonous Maggie The plane was named by 2/Lt William Scott, bombardier on the Anundson crew. When he and other friends were at home, a younger girl named Margaret would annoy them by riding her bicycle nearby. Someone told her, "Don't be monotonous, Maggie." An artist friend of Scott's made the original drawing, and the crew paid to have someone paint Maggie on their plane.   See Nose art.Returned to USA June 1945
42-52160 Ski-Nose MIA 7-Jul-44; See MACR 7218. Sgt Ralph E. James was one of her mechanics.   See Nose art.
41-29163   Designated as War Weary and transferred to Station 505.
42-95164 Lady Eve MIA 28-Jan-45; See MACR 11995.   See Nose art.
42-7165   Transferred to 302nd BG, Clovis, NM
42-51169 The Chiefton Transferred from 576th to 577th Sqdn.  Returned to USA June 1945   See Plane    See Nose Art
42-40170   Transferred to Davis-Monthan Field.
41-29174 Ambling Okie MIA 18-Mar-44; See MACR 3320.   See Nose art.
42-51186   Transferred from 579th to 578th Sqdn on 20-Dec-44. Crash landed 10 Jan 1945 at Seething, England due to engine failure; See Mission summary for 10-Jan-45.
42-100187 Pallas Athene 'G.I. Jane' Declared War Weary on 18-Sep-44; transferred to Green Castle on 8 Dec 1944. On 30-Jul-44, while on a non-operational training mission, the pilot made an extremely low landing approach and hit the tops of trees. He pulled up in time to maintain flight and landed the plane safely. The right vertical stabilizer, fuselage, and nose were damaged. She was christened 2-Feb-44 by a "bevy of WACs from Second Air Division Headquarters." Per Stars&Stripes, 14-Feb-44, she was "The first heavy bomber in the ETO to be named in honor of the WACs." The crew chief was T/Sgt Lowell Hale; also in the ground crew was Cpl Harry Kruse.   See Christening Photos
42-7190   Transferred to 400th BG, Pueblo
41-29192 The Sky Shark Transferred to the 392nd from 389th BG. MIA 24-Feb-44. See MACR 2945.   See Nose art.
42-51194 My Prayer Returned to USA Jun 1945. The crew chief was M/Sgt Edward L. Falada, the air mechanics were Sgt Floyd C. Stradford and Cpl Charles Terzoglio, and the Flight Chief was M/Sgt Rufus P. Carter.   See Photo.
42-95195   MIA 14-Oct-44; See MACR 9485.
42-7199   Transferred to Clovis, NM
42-7200   Transferred to Topeka
42-51205 Star Swinger Returned to USA June 1945   See Nose art.
42-51207   MIA 2-Dec-44; See MACR 11140.
42-7208   Transferred to Caspar, Wyoming
42-7211   Transferred to Topeka
42-7212   Transferred to Topeka
42-51212   Crash landed 21-Jul-44 at Deanland airfield, Sussex, England. See mission summary for 21-July-44.
42-95222   Crashed Aug-5-44 at Sparrow Green, Gressenhall, Norfolk, England after take-off. See CNLIM for 5-Aug-44.
42-95223 Little Lulu MIA 18-Jan-1945 during a practice mission; See MACR 14350.   See Nose art.
42-95229 Rap 'em Pappy MIA 7-Jul-44; See MACR 7216.   See Nose art.
42-51235 Lassie Come Home Crashed 7-Jan-45 between Hellimer and Francaltrof, France, after being abandoned due to multiple engine failure. The crew chief was M/Sgt Art Knipe. See mission summary.   See Nose art.
42-51238 Little Joe Transferred from 579th to 577th in early Dec 1944. Returned to USA, June 1945 See Nose Art
42-51240 Windy City Belle Returned to USA June 1945. This plane was maintained by M/Sgt Ernie Barber. Frequent pilot 1/Lt Donald Wood was from Chicago, hence the name.  See Plane.
42-95241 Jolly Duck MIA 22-Feb-45; See MACR 12658. and  The John McCormick Story. The crew chief was M/Sgt Cleon Barber.  See Plane.
42-95243   MIA 29-May-1944; See MACR 5211.
42-7248   Transferred to Alamogordo Sub Depot
42-51249 Sweat N Duck Returned to USA June 1945.  See plane.
44-50249   Returned to USA June 1945.
42-95250   Returned to USA June 1945.  See plane.
42-7251   Transferred to Alamogordo Sub Depot
42-7261   Transferred to Topeka
42-100261 Sweet Chariot Crashed 4-Jun-44 at Silk Willoughby, near Sleaford, Lincolnshire, England after being abandoned. See mission summary for 4-Jun-44.    See Nose art.
42-51268 Pleasant Surprise MIA 1-Jan-45; See MACR 11239.   See Nose art.
42-7272   Transferred to Topeka
42-95272 Pursuit of Happiness Was at the 458th BG, then the 492nd before being transferred to the 392nd. Crash landed 14-Feb-45 between Wendling and Shipdham, England, due to being out of gas. See the mission summary for 14-Feb-45. The crew chief was S/Sgt Donald MacRae.
42-7274   Transferred to Tucson
42-7275   Transferred to Topeka
42-7278   Transferred to Topeka
42-50279 Envy of 'em All Transferred from 492nd BG to the 392nd. MIA 13-Sep-44; See MACR 8848.   See Nose art.
42-7283   Transferred to Alamogordo Sub Depot
42-50284 Shoo! Shoo! Baby Declared War Weary on 30-Jul-1944. On 15-Nov-44, while running up the engines to taxi out for take-off on a night training mission, the nose wheel strut broke. The engines were stopped immediately. Corrective action was taken by the 465th Sub Depot. Returned to USA Jun 1945.   See Nose art.
42-50287   Suffered a take-off accident on 20-Jun-44.  MIA 23-Jun-44;  See MACR 6523.
42-7287   Transferred to Alamogordo Sub Depot
42-7288   Transferred to Alamogordo Sub Depot
42-7290   Transferred to Alamogordo Sub Depot
42-7292   Transferred to 396th BG, Tucson
42-7293   Transferred to Topeka
42-95293 American Beauty MIA 4-Nov-44; See MACR 10350.  See plane.
42-7295   Transferred to Topeka
44-40295   493rd BG to 487th BG to 392nd BG. Had a taxiing accident 12-Aug-44 at Thorpe Abbotts (Station 139), England, while on a non-operational mission; See mission summary for 12-Aug-44.
44-40297 Silent Yokum Tansferred to 392nd from 453rd BG after 11-Apr-45. Returned to USA June 1945.
42-95299   Returned to USA 3-Jun45; the crew chief was M/Sgt Walter S. Meeker.  See plane.
42-7300   Transferred to HQ 296th, Colorado Springs
42-51302   MIA 2-Mar-45; See MACR 12854.
42-7305   Transferred to Tucson
42-100308 Our Gal On 15 Apr 1944 at 1300 hours, this plane was part of a three-ship formation and was given landing instructions for runway 19. It peeled off from the formation. While landing, the plane hit some prop wash and the right wing dropped. The pilot hit the throttles but had lost enough altitude that the aircraft's fuselage hit a fence approximately four feet in height about 120 feet from the downwind end of the runway. The plane was able to make a normal landing. Repairs were quickly made by the 465th Sub Depot as it flew the 20 Apr 1944 mission. Declared War Weary and transferred 6-Aug-44 to 445th BG, 702nd BG.  See Nose art.
44-49308   Returned to USA June 1945  See plane.
42-50313 Wabash Cannon Ball Returned to USA June 1945. Received from 492nd BG after 18-Jul-44 per their website.  See Nose art.
42-50323 Heaven Can Wait MIA 2-Dec-44; See MACR 11138.   See Nose art.
42-100334 Patches Transferred about Feb 1944 to 93rd BG.
42-50337 Oombriago Crash landed 30 or 31-Dec-44 on the Continent.   See Nose art.
42-50338   On 10-Jun-44, this plane's brakes failed while it was being taxied to the hangar. Some damage to the #1 prop and left wing resulted. MIA 23-Jun-44; See MACR 6985.
43-639   Transferred to 20th Combat Wing, Station 104
42-100340 Chubby Crash landed 20-Feb-44 at Pagleshan, Essex, England. See mission page for 20-Feb-44.   See Nose art.
42-51340   Crashed 25-Mar-45 at Skeyton, England after a mid-air collision. See CNLIM for 25-Mar-45. The crew chief was S/Sgt Donald Musselman.   See Plane.
42-50343 Tondelayo MIA 20-Jun-44; See MACR 6154.   See Nose art.
42-100344   MIA 24-Feb-44. See MACR 2951.
42-51345   Crashed 16-Jan-45 at Ivinghoe, Bedfordshire, England after being abandoned. See mission page for 16-Jan-45.
42-100346 Late Date Received extensive battle damage; judged uneconomical to repair. Salvaged at the 392nd BG.   See Nose art.
42-51357   Returned to USA June 1945
42-50358 Pleasure Bent MIA 11-Sep-44; See MACR 8849. This plane was maintained by M/Sgt Ernie Barber.
42-100371 Doodle Bug MIA 29-Apr-44; See MACR 4476.   Please see The Berlin Bombing Mission article
44-49385   Returned to USA June 1945   See plane.
42-50387 Birdie Schmidt ARC MIA 15-Feb-45; See MACR 12379. Crew chiefs were Moorehouse and Haluko. The plane was named for Birdie Schmidt, the American Red Cross Program Director at the 392nd BG's AeroClub. See Birdie Schmidt Larrick - The Way It Was.
42-50390   On 14-Feb-45, her right main landing gear collapsed. Was severely damaged on 20-Mar-45 when strafed by a German intruder plane. Returned to USA June 1945.
42-50409   Returned to USA June 1945. May have been nicknamed "Section VIII" per a 392nd BG press release;  See Mission page for 23-Jun-44. The crew chief was M/Sgt Fisher.
42-52411   MIA 18-Mar-1944; See MACR 3325. This plane was named Jungle Princess II by the Clover crew (who had crashed the first Jungle Princess on 1 Jan 44); they had not yet had her new nose art painted when they were shot down on 18-Mar-44.
42-52415 Fairy Belle II Crash landed 15-Oct-44 at Field 56 near Brussels, Belgium; it had to be salvaged. See Mission Summary for 15-Oct-1944.   See Nose art.
41-21417   Transferred to Pueblo.
41-28423   Crashed at Alamogordo
42-5424   Transferred to 330th BG, Biggs Field
41-28425   Transferred to Alamogordo Sub Depot
41-29427 Ready-Willing and Able Was originally assigned to the 467th BG but was transferred to the 392nd before flying any missions. Despite extensive battle damage on 29-Apr-44, the plane made it back to Wendling and was in a landing-pattern circuit over the field. At 1522 hours, the plane suddenly exploded and then crashed two miles south of the base, killing the entire crew. See CNLIM, 29-Apr-1944, for Fryman crew.    Please see The Berlin Bombing Mission article
41-28429   Transferred to Alamogordo Sub Depot
42-50430 Old Standby Salvaged Sep-18-44 after the landing gear snapped. See mission summary for 18-Sep-1944.   See Nose art.
42-100432   Crash landed 7-Jul-44 at Newchurch, Kent, England
42-50432   Transferred to 392nd from 492nd BG. Crash landed at St. Trond airfield near Brussels, Belgium, on 14-Oct-44 after being hit with flak. The plane was returned to military control and eventually salvaged on 28-Nov-44.
41-29433   Crash landed 29-May-44 at Sporle, northwest of Little Fransham, England. See mission summary for 29-May-1944.   See Plane.
42-50433   MIA 21-Jul-1944; See MACR 7245.   See Plane.
42-75434   Declared War Weary.
42-50435   MIA 21-Jul-44; See MACR 7246.
42-64435   This a/c was flown to England by 2/Lt Guy C. Douglas and crew; they arrived at the 445th BG (Tibenham) on 11 Dec 1943. While Douglas and crew stayed with the 445th, their plane was transferred to the 392nd BG before flying any missions. MIA 21-Feb-44. See MACR 2563.
44-40436 Nancy Transferred to 392nd from 34th BG. Returned to USA June 1945.      See Nose art..
42-50446 Is This Trip Necessary
later J.C. Poolhall
Crashed 14-Apr-45 during take off for an operational mission. See CNLIM for 14-Apr-45.   See Plane.
41-29448 Carol Ann Transferred from 579th to 577th Sqdn on 25-Dec-44. Returned to USA June 1945   See Nose art.
44-49454 The Wild Hair Returned to USA June 1945   See Nose art.
42-51459 Lady Diana II Returned to USA June 1945.   See plane.
42-95464 Mary L. On 11-Feb-45, exceeded the runway at RAF Foulsham, Norfolk, England and was salvaged. See Mission summary for 11-Feb-45.
42-52465   MIA 18-Mar-44; See MACR 3326.
42-7466 Ford’s Folly MIA 11-Sept-44; See MACR 8850. The crew chief was M/Sgt Art Knipe, part of the original cadre and one of the oldest crew chiefs.   See Nose art.
42-7467   Crashed 24-Aug-43 on a non-operational mission. Took off from Burtonwood Air Depot on a route test flight; crashed at Aspull near Wigan after having been airborne for only 20 minutes, killing 1 of 3 persons onboard (none 392nd).
42-7468   Crashed 30-Aug-43 near Bold St. Helens while being ferried back to the 392nd after modification at Burtonwood Air Depot. See Mission report for 30-Aug-43.
42-7469 Rose of Juarez Crash landed 8-Apr-44 at Wendling, England due to battle damage. See 8-Apr-44 mission page.   See Nose art.
42-7470 Exterminator MIA 8-Oct-43. See MACR 879.   See Nose art.
42-7471 Filthy Annie MIA 4-Oct-43. See MACR 890.   See Nose art.
42-7472 Bull Bat Declared War Weary on 27-Aug-44; transferred to Warton on 11-Sep-44. The incident likely happened 8-Feb-44; her next mission was on 25-Apr-44. See the 465th Sub Depot history for April 1944 and the mission page for 8-Feb-44.   See plane.
42-7473   The day after this plane arrived at the 392nd in Tucson, the crew had to make a forced landing due to mechanical failure.  See 22-Aug-43.  Transferred from the 576th to the 579th Sqdn on 22-Dec-43. On 6-Mar-44, the ship hit a tree and crashed just after take-off at Church Farm, Great Dunham, England. See CNLIM for 6-Mar-44.
41-29474   MIA 19-May-44; See MACR 4936.
42-7474 Satan's Flame MIA 4-Oct-43. See MACR 891.
41-29476 Gashouse Gus Crash landed 24-Mar-45 in Belgium. See mission page for 24-Mar-45. The crew chief was Sgt Joseph D. Farinelli.   See Nose art.
42-7477 The Drip MIA 5-Nov-43. See MACR 1165. The wreckage was found in 2008 in the North Sea about 650 feet off the coast of Holland.   See plane.
42-78477 Miss Minnie II Returned to USA June 1945. This ship was named after pilot 1/Lt Paul B. Henderson's sweetheart, who eventually became his wife. The original Miss Minnie was named in the states but after the crew landed in England it was assigned to a different bomb group. The crew chief was Sgt Delmer G. McCulley.   See plane.
42-7478 Flying Crusader Crashed 9-Oct-44 at West Bradenham, near Wendling, England, during a non-operational flight. See CNLIM for 9-Oct-44.   See plane.
42-7479 War Horse On 1-Oct-43, the plane had a take-off accident; the nose wheel collapsed and the plane rolled on the main landing gear and the nose surface for about 400 yards. MIA 4-Jan-44. See MACR 1909. The "Marcy" painted on the plane refers to Margaret Meen, about 6 or 7 at the time, who would walk up to Honey Pot Wood and talk to the GIs.   See Nose art.
42-7480 My Diversion On 9-Feb-44, this plane was returning from an operational mission that was recalled. Fully loaded with gas and bombs, it had a landing accident. It was salvaged. See the mission summary for 9-Feb-44.   See Nose art.
42-78480 I'll Get By Crash landed 16-Jan-45 near Armentieres, France, being low on fuel. The crew chief was M/Sgt David S. Cooper.   See plane.
42-7481 Whiskers MIA 4-Oct-43. See MACR 892.
41-28481   Transferred to Topeka
42-7482 Shack Rat MIA 4-Jan-44. See MACR 1908.   See Nose art.
42-7483 Big Dog MIA 13-Nov-43. See MACR 1553.   See plane.
42-7484 Sally Ann MIA 29-Jan-44. See MACR 2548.   See plane
41-29485   Lost in mid-air collision 9-Apr-44 with a 389th BG ship over Dereham, Norfolk England. See CNLIM for 9-Apr-44.
42-7485 Alfred Was named by the Layton crew after the cartoons in Collier’s magazine depicting a none too smart swabbie named “Alfred”. Crash landed 4-Jan-44 at Pretty Corner, Sheringham, England. See CNLIM for 4-Jan-44. T/Sgt Marion H. Derey was the crew chief.   See Nose art.
42-7486 The Shark MIA 18-Nov-43. See MACR 1503. The nose art was painted between 11 and 17 Sep 1943 when the plane was grounded with leaky fuel cells. A Cpl in Ordnance named Olson painted both the nose art and the crew's A-2 jackets.   See Nose art.
42-7487 Million $ Baby MIA 4-Jan-44. See MACR 1907.   See Nose art.
42-7488 Hellzadroppin MIA 8-Oct-43. See MACR 880. This plane was maintained by M/Sgt Ernie Barber.
42-50489   Crashed 16-Jan-45 in France after being abandoned. See mission summary and CNLIM for 16-Jan-45. The crew chief was named Larson.
42-7489 Malfunction Ditched 5-Mar-44 in the English Channel. See MACR 3585.
42-7490 Big Ass Bird MIA 5-Nov-43. See MACR 1163.   See plane   See sketch of nose art
42-7491 Pregnant Peg On 31-Oct-1943 the Copp crew crash-landed it near the village of Ashill; the nose wheel broke when it hit the bank at the side of the road. A 1,500 ft runway was built and the plane was flown to the 3rd SAD at Watton for repair. She was then transferred to the 578th Sqdn. MIA 3-Mar-44; See MACR 2800.   #491 had different nose art on each side; see pilot side and copilot side.
42-7492 Hell Wagon Declared War Weary and transferred 10-Aug-44 to Watton.   See nose art
42-7493 Gregory the Great MIA 26-Nov-43. The plane was named after the infant son of its first bombardier, 2/Lt William L. Yarbrough Jr. See MACR 1494 and Bolick crew nose art photo.
44-50493 Dugan Returned to USA June 1945   See nose art
42-7495 Axis Grinder Declared War Weary on 27 Aug 1944; transferred to Warton on 11-Sep-44.   See plane
44-10495 Short Snorter II Transferred from 579th to 578th Sqdn on 20-Dec-44. Returned to USA June 1945   See nose art
42-7496 The Jinx MIA 24-Feb-44. See MACR 2946.   See nose art
42-7497 Old Daddy MIA 18-Mar-44; See MACR 3322.
42-7500 Sky Queen MIA 20-Dec-43. See MACR 1734.   See nose art
42-7501   Transferred October 1943 to 44th BG.
42-7502 Bakadori Landed 18-Nov-43 at Orebro, Sweden, due to fighter damage. See MACR 1504.  See plane This plane was maintained by M/Sgt Ernie Barber.
42-7503 Miss America MIA 13-Nov-43. See MACR 1552.   See nose art
41-29505   Although initially assigned to the 392nd BG, this plane was transferred to the 486th BG before arrival.
42-73505 Fairy Belle Crashed 8-Apr-44 at Sidestrand, England after aborting over enemy territory due to mechanical problems. See CNLIM for 8-Apr-44.   See nose art
42-7506 Southern Comfort MIA 11-Dec-43. See MACR 1733.   See nose art
42-7507 Heaven Can Wait Transferred to 44th BG before flying any missions.   See nose art
42-95507 Lady Doris Returned to USA June 1945   See nose art
41-29509 Knuckle Head Crashed 27-Apr-44 at Westgate-on-Sea, Kent, England; See MACR 5215.
42-7509 Gallivantin' Gal Transferred to 44th BG.
42-7510 El Lobo The tail turret was cut off during the mission to Bremen on 20-Dec-43; See CNLIM in 20-Dec-43. MIA on 29-Apr-44; See MACR 4461.   Please see The Berlin Bombing Mission article   See nose art
41-29511 Sweet Eloise (or perhaps just Eloise) Returned to USA June 1945.   See nose art pilot side   See nose art copilot side
42-7511   MIA 24-Feb-44. See MACR 2947. During an operational mission on 3 Oct1944, the #1 engine ran out of oil and was feathered. With fuel running low, the plane made an emergency landing at RAF Mepal in Cambridgeshire. The a/c was parked on a hard surface in front of the Hangar; the pilot was later asked to move it to a dispersal. In pulling away from the hanger, the a/c had to go over a grass area and the left wheel mired down. The pilot cut the engines and got out to take a look at it. The crew chief (who had arrived from Wendling) put some men in the tail and straightened the nose wheel. He then suggested "pouring the coal" to the three engines and hitting the right brake. In doing this the #3 and #4 engines overpowered the #2 engine, skidding the nose wheel to the left. It collapsed, damaging the nose section.
42-52517 Model T Transferred to the 392nd/578th Sqdn from the 467th BG. Transferred to 579th Sqdn in June 1944. MIA 7-Jul-44; See MACR 7370.   See nose art
42-7518 Push Over
later became Hard To Get
MIA 18-Mar-44; See MACR 3323. This plane was maintained by M/Sgt Ernie Barber. Per Clayton Whisman's diary (asst crew chief) for 18-Mar-44, "Davis, Roy of Tenn. A waist gunner asked me to paint "Wahoo" on ship. Was going to when the ship came back but--"
42-51519   Return to USA June 1945  See plane
42-7521 Poop Deck Pappy Transferred Oct 1943 to 44th BG   See nose art
42-7522 Southern Comfort II Transferred Oct 1943 to 44th BG
44-10522   Returned to USA June 1945
44-50522   Returned to USA June 1945
42-7523   Transferred to Topeka
42-52524 The Lemon Crash landed 18-Sep-44 at Brussels, Belgium (On Loan from 466thBG to 576th BS.)
42-7524 The Hell Cat While returning from a non-operational mission to slow time the #2 engine, the brakes failed upon landing. The plane ran off the end of the runway, seriously damaging the ship. Two thirds of the aircraft was salvaged. See page at 7-Dec-43
41-29527 Foxy Phoebe Returned to USA June 1945. May have originally belonged to 487th BG as she's listed on their website (www.487thbg.org)   See nose art
42-50527 Hazee Returned to USA June 1945. Transferred from 453rd BG (732 BS) after 10-Apr-45; flew 9 missions with 453rd, just 1 with 392nd. (Per http://tinpan.fortunecity.com/aprilskies/264/planes.html#s732 and b24bestweb.com) See nose art
42-7527 Black Widow MIA 24-Feb-44. See MACR 2948 and link to 465th sub depot history for February 1944 that talks about repairing her. The crew chief was M/Sgt Edward L. Falada.   See plane
42-7528   This plane crashed near LeCompton, Kansas, while on a training and calibration mission.   See 25-Aug-43.
44-10528   Transferred from 579th to 576th Sqdn in Nov 1944. Crash landed 31-Dec-44 at Beetley, Norfolk, England. Radio operator Sgt Richard Spades later recalled, “We were attacked by enemy fighter planes. We had lost fuel but made it back to Wendling. In our landing approach a smaller plane cut in front of us and to avert collision, Blakeley nosed upward and re-circled the field. We didn’t make it as all engines failed. We were headed nose first into the ground when the plane with Blakeley’s help righted itself as we hit the ground. We all walked away without sustaining major injuries. Per Olin Levell's records, the crew chief was M/Sgt Buford J. Reynolds.
42-7529 Coral Princess Exploded 20-Feb-44 in mid-air over Manston, Kent, England. See CNLIM   See nose art
42-7303   Transferred to Topeka
42-7533   Transferred October 1943 to the 44th BG
42-7535 Peep Sight Transferred October 1943 to the 44th BG
42-7536 The Banshee Transferred 7-Oct-43 to the 44th BG. Per pilot/copilot Lou Stephens, pilot Jack Nolan was left in Iceland; a different pilot was assigned to fly the plane to England. Once they got to the 392nd, he disappeared and they got Floyd A. George from the Fletcher crew as their new pilot. Plane was transferred to the 44th BG after the "pilotless" crew got it to Prestwick, Scotland.   See nose art
42-7537 Jungle Princess On 31-Dec-43, crash landed at Swanton Morley, England. See mission summary 31-Dec-43.
42-7540 Crew Chief MIA 13-Nov-43. See MACR 1551. This plane was named by 576th Sqdn pilot 1/Lt John R. Becker to honor his ground crew and to show his appreciation for their fine work.   See nose art
44-50542 Agony Wagon Returned to USA June 1945   See nose art
42-7543 Georgie Bell MIA 5-Nov-43. See MACR 1164.
42-52544 Able Mabel Declared War Weary on 18-Sep-44 and transferred 12-Oct-44 to Greencastle, N. Ireland   See nose art
42-7544   Transferred November 1943 to the 44th BG
42-7545   Transferred November 1943 to the 44th BG
44-50545   Returned to USA June 1945   See plane
42-7546 Alfred II Crashed 29-Apr-44 at Walcott, Norfolk, England after being abandoned. See CNLIM 29-Apr-44 and The Berlin Bombing Mission article.   See nose art
42-7547   Transferred November 1943 to the 44th BG, 67th BS.
42-52548 Jaw-Ja Boy MIA 9-Sep-44; See MACR 8603. This plane was maintained by M/Sgt Ernie Barber and Sgt Clayton Whisman, who wrote in his diary "Love that old beatup airplane. Sailors talk about their ship but S-Bar is my true love!"   See nose art
42-7548   Transferred to 44th Bomb Group
42-7549 The Shark Transferred October 1943 to the 44th BG, 67th BS.   See nose art
42-40549   Transferred to Burtonwood
42-7551 The Jinx Transferred 7-Oct-43 to the 44th BG before flying any missions. Crash-landed 13-Jan-44.
42-40551   Transferred to Burtonwood
41-29552 Bronko Nagurski The plane was named in honor of legendary University of Minnesota and Chicago Bears football player Bronko Nagurski. The crew that named the plane went on to the 44th BG while the plane went to the 392ndBG. Her nose wheel collapsed during take-off on 11-May-44.   See nose art
42-7552 Lil Cookie Transferred October 1943 to the 44th BG. B24bw says name was Lil Cookie; no name in our records. A/c 552 flew 23-Sep-43 w/ 579th; might have been this 552 since all other flights for a 552 were in April and May, presumably Bronko.   See nose art
42-7556 Exterminator II While being loaded with bombs for the mission on 5-Dec-43, this ship caught fire on its hardstand. The bombs stacked under its wings exploded and the plane was completely destroyed.   See nose art
41-29560 Rat Poison Transferred from 579th to 577th on 18-Dec-44. Crash landed 1-Jan-45 in a cornfield near Mons, Belgium, 6 miles from Harveng. See Mission Summary 1-Jan-45   See nose art
42-7560 Blanid's Baby (pilot's side)
Little Joe (copilot's side)
Designated War Weary on 30-Jul-44. Suffered a take-off accident on 29-Oct-44 at Wendling, England, during a practice mission. On the take-off, the pilot could not pull the stick back due to binding elevator controls. Power was cut and brakes applied, but a/c went off the end of Runway 01 into a field, hitting a ditch about 300 yards from the end of the runway. The ditch was about two feet wide with a bank about three feet high on the far side. The nose wheel collapsed and the landing gear buckled. The a/c slid to a stop approximately 50 feet beyond the ditch, damaged beyond repair. The nose art photo shows the name "Blanid's Baby" on the pilot's side while the crash photo shows the name "Little Joe" on the copilot's side.   See nose art
42-7561 Mac's Sack II MIA 13-Nov-43. See MACR 1554.
44-50568 Fearless Fosdick Returned to USA June 1945   See plane   See nose art
42-7570 Our Baby MIA 2-Feb-44. See MACR 2531.   See plane
42-50571 Dirty Gertie & My Achin' Back Returned to USA June 1945. This plane was maintained by M/Sgt Ernie Barber. This plane may have had both names. Pilot Side (Dirty Gertie)   Copilot Side (My Achin' Back)
44-50571   Return to USA June 1945
44-49577 The Gremlin's Roost Returned to USA June 1945
42-7285   Transferred to Topeka
42-50586   MIA 20-Jun-44; See MACR 6155.
42-7588   On 4-Dec-43, the pilot landed this plane on runway 08 going northeast. He proceeded to the end of the runway and turned right to taxi to the dispersal area. While taxiing the ship, the #4 propeller hit the roof of a civilian vehicle, cutting into the roof. No one was inside the vehicle at the time. MIA 30-Dec-43. See MACR 1677.
44-50589   Returned to USA June 1945
42-50593 Lady Diana MIA 11-Sep-44; See MACR 8851.   See nose art
42-52593   Crash-landed 9-Apr-44 at Beccles, England.
42-7596 Sheila Crash landed 7-Jan-44 at Wendling, England upon return from mission. The pilot landed too fast and too far down the runway. The plane ran off the runway and through a ditch, causing the right gear to collapse. It had to be salvaged. Sheila originally belonged to the 44th BG, 701st Sqdn.
42-7598 The Flak Ducker MIA 6-Mar-44; See MACR 3183.   See nose art
42-7599 Mack's Sack III MIA 8-Apr-44; See MACR 3945.
42-50604   MIA 6-Aug-44; See MACR 7390.   See nose art
42-52604   MIA 29-May-44; See MACR 5214.
42-52605   MIA 22-Apr-44; See MACR 4171.
42-7605   MIA 31-Dec-43. See MACR 1676.
42-52607   MIA 8-Sep-44; See MACR 8604.
41-29608   On 24-Aug-44, the plane was being flown on local operations on an airspeed calibration mission. While taxiing the aircraft on the perimeter runway, the #4 prop sliced through the roof of the jeep, breaking a piece of the metal framework which was then thrown by the prop into the side of the fuselage. Many wire leads to the radio equipment were severed and the #4 prop was damaged. It also had a taxiing accident on 19-Oct-44 (see photo).   The a/c was scheduled to take off at 1920 hours on Runway 31 on a practice mission.   Due to darkness, the a/c was only visible to Flying Control by its navigation lights. After starting his takeoff, the a/c contacted the Control Tower that he was unable to take off. While still transmitting the message radio contact was abruptly cut off and all visible lights went out. Upon sending the Alert Crew out to locate the aircraft, it was discovered that the a/c had turned left onto Runway 26; the pilot said he had turned off at the first intersection to clear the runway as soon as possible. The plane then taxied through three bays of fresh cement (15 ft. wide and 56 ft. long), newly laid during the day. After the left main gear wheel and nose wheel had run through the cement, the nose wheel was sheared off when it hit the existing edge of the concrete bay. The a/c then came down on its nose, causing considerable damage to the nose section and fuselage.
42-50615   Battle-damaged during mission to Oberpfaffenhofen on 21-Jul-44. The crew bailed out over England and the aircraft crashed near Old Buckenham Airfield, Norfolk (453rd BG).
42-52615 Sally Ann II Ditched 11-Sep-44; See MACR 9811.   See nose art
41-28617   Declared War Weary on 18-Sep-44 and transferred 15-Oct-44 to Greencastle, N. Ireland
42-7618   Transferred to 44th Bomb Group
42-50623 Idiot's Delight or Ediot's Delight MIA 28-Dec-44; See MACR 11118.
42-7624 Flying 8 Ball Crash landed 9-Mar-44 at Beccles, England. Pilot 1/Lt James Muldoon was awarded the DFC for his skill in bringing the badly damaged plane back to the UK.   See nose art
42-7626 Ramblin' Okie, later Liberty Belle Ditched in the North Sea on 13-Dec-43. See MACR 1732.
42-50636   Transferred from 579th to 578th Sqdn. Crashed 27-Feb-45 on the Continent, (21-Mar-45 transf to SBD)
42-7637 The Queen of Peace Interned 4-Jan-44 at Smedstorp, Sweden. See MACR 1910. Per the Fall 1996 issue of the 2ADA Journal, pilot 1/Lt Robert L. Egan named her; it had something to do with a commitment Egan made to his mother before going overseas. He had the ship christened by Father McDonough, Catholic chaplain at Wendling.
42-52639   Declared War Weary on 18-Sep-44. Had a landing accident on 15-Jan-45. Eventually salvaged by 3rd Strategic Air Depot.
42-52642 Short Round Crash landed 9-Oct-44 at Wendling England; the left landing gear was not locked down and collapsed on touch-down. The catwalk was torn out.
42-7646   Transferred 12-Dec-43 to the 482nd BG
42-50647 Liberty Belle Transferred from 577th to 576th Sqdn 8 April 1944. Returned to USA June 1945   Liberty Belle
42-52649 Pregnant Peg II "On 30 July 1944, while on a practice mission, pilot 2/Lt Whiteaker peeled off from the formation and lowered the landing gear. When checked, the diagonal brace was broken. Instructions were given by the tower at Wendling to land at Station 376 (Watton). Landing was made on a rough grassy area. Whiteaker managed to keep the airplane straight until the right wheel buckled inwards after hitting a large hole. Thereupon the right wing went down, turning the airplane to the right and damaging it beyond economical repair."   See nose art
42-50650   Returned to USA June 1945; per Olin Levell's records, the crew chief was M/Sgt Joseph J. Jackson.   See plane
41-28651   MIA 18-Mar-44; See MACR 3324.
42-52654 Nightlife Nellie MIA 11-Apr-44; See MACR 3934.
42-7658 Poco Loco MIA 24-Feb-44. See MACR 2949.   See nose art
42-50659 Yankee Doodit Ditched 15-Mar-45; See MACR 14178. The crew chief was M/Sgt Berman Fausnaugh.   See nose art
44-50663   Returned to USA June 1945
42-50670   Returned to USA June 1945
42-52670   On 16-Jun-44, this plane was on a non-operational mission to slow time an engine. The plane was cleared to fly from Wendling to Barkston Heath, Lincolnshire. The pilot came in on the wrong runway at Station 483; he overshot and ended up on the nose. The pilot stated that his compass was off and he had bad brakes. No one was hurt.
44-50671 Frosty Returned to USA June 1945   See nose art
42-50673   MIA 18-Sept-44; See MACR 10660.
44-50684 The Wild Hair Returned to USA June 1945
41-28688   MIA 24-Apr-44; See MACR 4362.
41-23689 Minerva Was originally assigned to the 93rd BG. On 13-Nov-43, had a take-off accident. About halfway down the runway the manifold pressure on 2 engines dropped and the a/c could not take off. The ship went across a road at the end of the runway and out into a field, striking a pole with major damage to aircraft. She served as the 392nd's assembly ship. Declared War Weary and transferred to Warton.   See nose art
41-28692   MIA 18-Mar-44; See MACR 3318.
42-50697 We'll Get By Transferred from the 579th to the 577th Sqdn, then in May 1945 to the 467th BG. Photos dropping bombs and nose art attached.
41-28700 YMCA Flying Service Transferred February 1945 to the 492 BG (per May 96 NEWS)   See nose art
42-52704 Son of Satan II MIA 18-Apr-44; See MACR 4053.
42-50709 E for Easy This aircraft had a landing accident upon return from the mission of 3-Feb-45.   MIA 24-Mar-45; See MACR 14177.
42-50710   Transferred to the 445th BG before September 1944.
41-28731   Transferred from the 467th BG before flying any missions. Crashed 5-Jul-44 after mid-air collision during a practice mission.
41-28742 Old Glory MIA 18-Mar-44; See MACR 3319. The Books crew had decided to call it "Old Glory" but it was shot down before any nose art could be painted.
44-50753 Short Round II Returned to USA June 1945
42-52754   MIA 11-Apr-44; See MACR 3935.
42-50758 YMCA Flying Service Two crewmen bailed out on 13-Jul-44 and were killed; See MACR 7840. MIA 12-Sep-44; See MACR 8852.    See Nose Art
41-28759   MIA 29-Apr-44; See MACR 4462.   Please see The Berlin Bombing Mission article
42-94764 Bad Penny Crash landed 12-Sep-44 Manston, Kent, England, while on a non-operational flight   See nose art
42-52770 Ruptured Duck Returned to USA June 1945   See nose art   See plane
41-28772 El Capitan Transferred from 579th to 578th, likely after 18-Sep-44. Returned to USA June 1945   See nose art
42-94772   MIA 7-Jul-44; See MACR 7371.
41-28783   Transferred to the 44th BG.
42-50785   MIA 2-Dec-44; See MACR 11139.   See Photo
42-63787   Transferred to 482nd BG at Alconbury
41-28788 I'll Be Back Returned to USA June 1945
42-109789 Mairzy Doats Two men bailed out on 12-Apr-44 and were killed; See MACR 4379. Transferred to 445th or 492nd BGs.   See plane
44-40789   Transferred to Station 505
42-109792 Wicket Widget III Transfered to 389 BG, returned to USA June 1945
42-50792 Bomb Boogie (Tail Wind?) Returned to USA June 45   See nose art
41-28801   Transferred May 26, 45 to the 467th or 446th BG
42-50804 Pleasant Surprise II Crashed 25-Mar-45 mid-air collision during assembly over Hall Farm, Buxton Lamas, England
42-50813   Crash landed 16-Jan-45 near Luneville France
42-109814 Jive Bomber MIA 26-Mar-44; See MACR 3486.   See nose art
42-109824 The Arsenal MIA 18-Mar-44; See MACR 3330.
42-109826 Late Date II MIA 18-Mar-44; See MACR 3331.
41-11828   Transferred to Davis-Monthan Field.
41-28829 My Everlovin' Gal Transferred (?) to 44th BG (prior to Apr 9, 44)     See nose art
42-109835   MIA 11-Apr-44; See MACR 3936.
42-94838 Rebel Gal Per b24bestweb, was "One of the original 489th BG aircraft and of its 89 sorties, 72 were flown with the 489th." Returned to USA June, 45   See nose art
41-28841 The Philly Filly MIA 9-Feb-45; See MACR 12216. Oddly enough, the number on the hull is 433.   See nose art
41-28852   Declared War Weary 18-Sep-44. Transferred sometime prior to 16-Jan-45 to maintenance depot; transferred to SNBD on 29-May-45. Mentioned in 465th Sub Depot history.
42-50861   Crash landed on the Continent, 29-Dec-44
41-23865   Per 579th history, #865 was the 579th's first plane, being received in Feb. 1943. Transferred to Davis-Monthan Field.
42-94867   MIA 2-Dec-44; See MACR 11142.
42-50868   MIA 28-Jan-45; See MACR 11996.
41-11871   Transferred to Sub Depot Demming, NM
41-28875 Heavenly Body Overshot runway when landing on 24-Mar-45 and was salvaged.
42-94886 No Feathered Injun MIA 18-Sep-44; See MACR 10120. ON Loan from 466th BG to 579th Sqdn.   See nose art
44-49886   Returned to USA June 1945
41-28891   June 1945 returned to US
42-109896 Gypsy Queen Transferred to 453rd BG   See nose art
42-94897 Big Time Operator Declared War Weary on 18-Sep-44; transferred to the 576th Sqdn on 18-Nov-44. Crash landed 6-Dec-1944 at Wendling, England during a non-operational mission. The crew chief was M/Sgt Arthur Madonna.   See nose art
42-94898 Marion later, Terri Ann According to an article in the Spring 2003 issue of the 2nd Air Division Assn Journal, #42-94898 was originally assigned to the 489th Bomb Group. She arrived in Prestwick, Scotland, on 3-May-44 and flew her first mission on 31 May. On 18-Sep-44, she flew the low-level supply mission to Groesbeck, Holland; it was "shot up pretty bad, lost one engine, most of the hydraulics, and had several severed control cables. We overcame the control cable problem and landed on the emergency field at Woodbridge, England. The plane was repaired and returned to the 489th." The 489th flew its last mission on 10-Nov-44 and was returned to the States to take B-29 training and eventually be sent to the Pacific. Most of the 489th planes were then sent to the 392nd BG, including #898. While at the 392nd, nose art depicting a beautiful girl was added to the left side. At one time, she was named "Marion,", and then "Terri Ann." She suffered a take-off accident on 20-Feb-45. She survived the war and was flown back to the US on June 1, 1945 with 2/Lt Myers of the 577th Sqdn as pilot. She was taken first to Willow Run and there was declared excess. Her last flight was to Altus, Oklahoma on September 12, 1945; on October 24, 1945 she was scrapped.   See nose art
41-28899   Crashed in UK, 28-Dec-44
42-51899 &nbsnbsp; Returned to USA June 1945
42-50901 YMCA Flying Service (copilot's side)
Wimpy's Queen (pilot's side)"
This plane was assigned to 2/Lt B.R. Shaw's crew when they arrived at Wendling early in 1945. At the request of the crew chief, Sgt Detty, the ship was named "The YMCA Flying Service." The crew, however, had planned to christen any ship permanently assigned to them with the name "Wimpy's Queen" in honor of Nerissa Shaw, Lt. Shaw's wife. ("Wimpy" was Lt. Shaw's nickname. His given name was Beverly and you either called him Ray or Wimpy but Never Beverly.) The compromise was to have the "YMCA Flying Service" name painted under the copilot's window and "Wimpy's Queen" under the pilot's window. After this plane was flown back to the US in June 1945, it may have been flown around the country as part of the Air Corps' effort to increase the sale of war bonds.   See Wimpys Queen nose art   See YMCA Flying Service nose art
42-94906 Dragon Lady Returned to USA June 1945. Was transferred from the 489th BG where it was named Homesick Lass.   See nose art
42-94907   Transferred from the 467th BG. MIA 21-Jul-44;   See MACR 7247.
42-94912 Black Widow II Returned to USA June 1945
41-28916   Returned to USA June 1945. The crew chief was M/Sgt Earl Havins.   See nose art
41-11926   Crashed 22 miles northwest of Deming, NM. The crew had to bail out due to engine failure.
42-99938 Dixie Dumper Crash landed 20-Feb-44 at Tibenham, England. The plane came from the 492nd BG where it was named The Dixie Dumper because most of the crew was from the South. The nose art showed a scantily clad gal holding a sack of bombs.
42-99945 Pink Lady MIA 18-Mar-44; See MACR 3327.
42-51958   Returned to USA June 1945   See plane
42-94961 Alfred IV MIA 4-Dec-44; See MACR 11141.   See nose art
42-94966 Madame Shoo-Shoo MIA 7-Oct-44; See MACR 9755. The crew chief was M/Sgt Art Knipe.   See nose art
42-99976 Pocatello Chief MIA 15-Mar-44; See MACR 3184.
42-99979 Kentucky Baby On 3 Mar 1944, this plane was being ferried from Wendling to Neaton (Station 505) so that battle damage repair done at Wendling could be inspected and further repairs made. After landing at Station 505, the right main landing gear collapsed, allowing the right wing to drag and causing a ground loop. Damaged in the accident were the right vertical stabilizer and rudder, bottom of fuselage, nose gear and tire, tail bumper gear, #4 engine, and the right main landing gear. The right wing panel was buckled and the #3 and #4 props were bent.
Crashed 21-Apr-44 at North Tuddenham, Norfolk, England   See nose art
42-99981 BTO MIA 18-Mar-44; See MACR 3328.
42-6982 Tempermental Duchess Transferred to Alamogordo Sub Depot   See plane   See nose art
42-99989 Son of Satan Crash landed 18-Mar-44 at Gravesend, Kent, England
42-99990 Short Snorter Crashed 2-Aug-44 in a field near Manston, Kent, England. The nose art was based on the Mobil Gas "Flying Horse" insignia, painted on the left nose section. It flew 128 consecutive missions without an abort. The crew chief was M/Sgt Stephen A. Dergo, who was awarded the Bronze Star for his fine work.   See nose art
41-28991 Gravel Gripper Returned to USA June 1945; the crew chief was S/Sgt Earl E. Bagwell   See nose art
42-99992   Transferred to the 389th BG, probably in March 1944.
42-6995   Transferred to 400th BG, Pueblo
DF-292   Transferred to Station 547

Note: The sorties flown were derived from the personal records of M/Sgt W. Hoyt Barfield, the Group's Dates in and out were taken from information in the 392nd BG's files at Maxwell. Last Updated July 26, 2011