Photos of Pallas Athene Christening

This article in The Stars and Stripes gives details about how the name Pallas Athene, the GI Jane, was chosen for #42-100187.

Pfc Emma Utter adjusts Jane's make-up.                             ;               ;               Cpl. Hazel Bliss Christens GI Jane, 11 Feb. 1944

A large crowd gathered to watch Cpl Hazel I. Bliss, a switchboard operator at 2nd Air Division Headquarters, break a bottle of ginger ale on one of the nose guns to christen Pallas Athene. Pvt Lucille Carter (also from 2nd Air Division Headquarters) and Cpl Frank Usis (1825th Ordnance Co.) got drenched by the spray. Among the audience were Col Irvine A. Rendle, 392nd BG commander (in Eisenhower jacket just behind Cpl Bliss) and Maj Warren Polking, 578th Sqdn commander (immediately behind Col Rendle). Crew chief T/Sgt Lowell D. Hale is seen in Box #1. Members of 2/Lt Neely Young's crew, who agreed to have "their" plane named in honor of the WACs were: copilot 2/Lt John Goodwin, see in Box #2. To his immediate left is a WAC and slightly behind her and to her left is pilot 2/Lt Neely Young. The man with the white scarf in front of and to Goodwin's left is S/Sgt John Rickey. Under the J in "Jane" is bombardier 2/Lt Bob Cunningham; to his right is engineer S/Sgt William Triplett, engineer; and to his right is gunner S/Sgt Ray Teater. Standing in front of Triplett and Cunningham is gunner S/Sgt Jefferson D. Ross. Under the farthest propeller, the man with a white scarf is radio operator T/Sgt Pete Garcia.

A B-24 even buzzed the field!

This photo shows Jane as a tested veteran of many combat missions.