We have listed the names of over 3,000 men and women who served in the ground echelon of the 392nd Bomb Group. Many of the names come from military orders, the books Liberators from Wendling and 20th Century Crusaders, issues of the 392nd Bomb Group Memorial Association NEWS, squadron rosters, diaries, personal recollections, and names written next to photographs in the 392nd archives. Ranks are as they appear on the source document and do not reflect subsequent promotions.

The photos are intended to be viewed for private use and not to be published without written consent from one of the 392nd BGMA researchers. You may contact them through our questions form (leaving airman form boxes empty). Click here for the form.  We continue to update this section on a weekly basis with additional information and photos.

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Ground echelon personnel were assigned to:

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you, as I know every man who has had the opportunity to fly with the 2nd Air Division planes, would thank you if it were possible. The flying personnel know what your efforts have been to supply them with the means to perform their part of the team's work, the long hours with little glory, and they are grateful. As your Commanding General, I wish to offer you my sincere congratulations, and to commend you on a job well done."

Maj. Gen. W. E. Kepner, Commanding, 2nd Air Division From an address on 8 April 1945 during "Salute the Ground Man Week"