Honor Roll of the 392nd Bomb Group during WWII

All of us who live in freedom are reminded that we owe a debt of grateful remembrance of their sacrifice.

Honor Roll Summary of the 392nd BG
In this Honor Roll, we use the following designations for the airmen's fates. These may not always match what is listed in other records.

KIA - Killed In Action as a direct result of enemy action or while on a combat mission.
KILD - Killed In the Line of Duty, such as on a training mission or while performing other non-combat duties.
DNB - Died of other Non-Battle causes, such as illness.
POW - Prisoner Of War.
INT - Interned in neutral Sweden or Switzerland.
EVD - Evaded capture in enemy-occupied territory or escaped from imprisonment or internment.
CNL - Individuals who were KIA; or KILD whose loss was not otherwise recorded in official MACRs.

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