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13 May 1945 -- COOKS TOUR

The men chosen for the Cooks Tour came from all over the base, but all had been recognized for meritorious achievement.  As might be expected, many were crew chiefs or involved in maintenance of the B-24s.  Others performed essential tasks that were more in the background.  


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13 MAY 1945

Report to Sta Y-55
13 May 1945

Barfield, William M/Sgt.
Bush, Joseph, LtCol
Burtner, Clair P. Jr, Capt
Cole, Chester T., Capt
Metz, Wilbur H. Capt
Morris, Joseph E., Capt*
White, Luther W. Capt

829th Air Eng Sqdn
Pearson, George E. T/Sgt

653rd Air Mtl Sqdn
Lewis, John V. Sr., T/Sgt
White, Claude A. T/Sgt

576th Sqdn
Levell, Olen P. Jr., Capt*
Micksch, Joseph E. Jr. 1/Lt
Hughes, Caspar  Jr. T/Sgt.*
Sevier, Robert M. T/Sgt.*

577th Sqdn
Camilli, Natial A. S/Sgt
Dzurco, Steve M/Sgt
McFadden, James M. Maj.

578th Sqdn
Allen, H.W. Capt*
Barber, Ernest H. M/Sgt
Burns, Patrick J. T/Sgt.*
Coltran, John H. M/Sgt
Curry, Ernest D. T/Sgt.*
Dowling, William M/Sgt
Player, George C. Jr. Maj.*

579th Sqdn
Allred, Marion R. M/Sgt
Kehoe, James T. T/Sgt
Keilman, Myron H. Maj.*
Kotsifakis, Pete G. Cpl.
Lemone, Albino J. M/Sgt
Salar, Hobert J. M/Sgt.

* Indicates Combat Crew

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