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Listed are the names of over 2,500 men and women who served in the ground echelon of the 392nd Bomb Group. The names come from military orders, the books Liberators from Wendling and 20th Century Crusaders, issues of the 392nd Bomb Group Memorial Association NEWS, squadron rosters, diaries, personal recollections, and names written next to photographs in the 392nd archives. Ranks are as they appear on the source document and do not reflect subsequent promotions. If you have corrections or additions, please contact the 392nd Bomb Group at by Clicking Here.

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Name Rank Unit Source Comments Photo Location
Nacsa, Chic Cpl 1217th QM Svc Gp   1217th QM Co 1217th QM Co (AVN), May 1994 NEWS
Nader, William A. Pvt 806th Chem Co SO#57, 13Mar45 assigned, MOS 056.Per SO#80, 10Apr45, MOS change from 056 to 786.  
Nanson, Fred A. Pfc 806th Chem Co. SO#83, 12May44    
Napier, Joe M/Sgt 465th Sub-Depot LFW    
Narges, Howard E. Sgt 577th SO#65, 27Oct43 assigned; MOS 683=Bombsight Mechanic.Per SO#22, 4Feb44, TD for 4-wk course in Honeywell AFCE and Norden Bombsight Maintenance.  
Nash, Richard I. Pvt 577th SO#3, 19Mar43 MOS 945 = Photo Lab Technician Casalone, Kirk, Nash
Nashwinter, Francis N. Cpl 578th 392, 3Mar44 Airplane & Engine Mechanic Nashwinter and Arpe
Nathan, Harold Sgt 10thStaCompSq LFW    
Nawrocki, John E. Sgt 10thStaCompSq LFW    
Neal, Junior W. Pfc 577th 577 roster 2May45    
Neff, Dwight W. Cpl 577th 392, 3Mar44 Radio Operator, AAF Individual Photo
Neff, Paul N. 2/Lt Gp Hq SO#20, 16Apr43    
Negro, Frank Sgt 579th     579th ground crew and El Lobo
Neher, Dean J. Pvt 579th SO#24, 25Apr43 MOS 055 = Clerk, General  
Neill, Wilfred M. Pfc 578th SO#19, 14Apr43 MOS 902 = Weapons Mechanic, Aircraft  
Neilson, Kenneth V. S/Sgt 10thStaCompSq LFW    
Neilson, Robert Pfc 1287th MP Co Det A LFW    
Nellums, Lyman N. Sgt 579th OO#1, 25May45 Flew to Bradley Field CT on 42-49385; MOS 853.  
Nelson, Geoffrey E. or Godfrey S/Sgt 10thStaCompSq LFW; 403rd history Per the 10th SCS history, he might be the man mentioned as Lt Daughdrill's NCO. In 403rd, he was in the Administrative Inspectors Office and helped write the 403rd history. Individual Photo
Nelson, Harry E. M/Sgt 10thStaCompSq LFW    
Nelson, Jack T/5 1217th QM Svc Gp   1217th QM Co 1217th QM Co Group
Nelson, Lee L. S/Sgt 10thStaCompSq LFW    
Nelson, Warren I. T/5 1825th Ord S&M Co LFW    
Nelson, William E. Pfc 1825th Ord S&M Co LFW    
Neustadt Jr. Walter 2/Lt 576th 392, 14Aug44 Per LFW, assigned to Gp Hq as Asst Gp Intelligence Officer 576th Sqdn Officers #2
Neville, Frank J. S/Sgt 10thStaCompSq LFW    
Newberry, John R. Cpl 578th SO#25, 26Apr43 Cook  
Newman Jr, Dewey Pfc 1287th MP Co Det A LFW    
Newstrom, Lavonne D. Pvt 576th 576 roster 1May45    
Nicholaou, George J. Sgt 576th Capt Levell's roster Ordnance Section Crew Chief  
Nicholas, Peter J. Sgt 579th SO#51, 1Oct43    
Nichols, Condy E. 1/Sgt 10thStaCompSq LFW p165 LFW said he worked on behalf of 10thStaCompSq to help American Red Cross with Christmas Party for local orphanages and schools.  
Nichols, Gail L.   74th Service Sq   Original cadre, assigned to sheet metal work and perimeter defense in the 74th Service Sqdn, Jul 1943 to Apr 1944 per Summer 87 2ADA Journal.Per Nov00 News, he was on a gun crew that manned the machine guns on the airfield at Wendling.In 1944 he was transfered to th 314th Troop Carrier (AVN), May 1994 NEWS near Nottingham.  
Nichols, Robert E. 1/Lt 576th 392, 17Mar44 Per LFW, 576th Sq Supply Officer 576th Sqdn Officers #1   576th Sqdn Officers #2
Niels, Alfred E. Pvt 577th SO#3, 19Mar43 MOS 521 = Airman Basic  
Nielsen, Alfred E. Pfc 577th 577 roster 2May45    
Niemczycki, Henry W. Pvt 579th SO#11, 1Apr43 MOS 747 = Airplane and Engine Mechanic  
Niemeier, Lawrence G. T/Sgt 10thStaCompSq LFW    
Niemira, Teddy J. Pfc 577th SO#67, 23Apr44 MOS 256 = Welder, Combination.Per SO#135, 18Jul44, MOS change from 521 to 901.  
Nixon, George W. Pvt 578th 578 roster 5Aug44 Munitions Worker  
Nixon, Harlan L. S/Sgt 10thStaCompSq LFW    
Noble, John A. Pvt 578ty 578 roster 5Aug44 Orderly  
Nobley, Arville Pvt 579th and 576th SO#6, 23Mar43 MOS 929 = Automotive Equipment Operator  
Noder, Walter G. Cpl 578th 392, 3Mar44 Airplane & Engine Mechanic  
Noeffler, Eric T/Sgt 465th Sub-Depot LFW    
Nopeck, Joseph J. T/Sgt 465th Sub-Depot LFW    
Nordstrom, Sten A. Cpl 10thStaCompSq LFW    
Northrop, Clayton Pvt 465th Sub-Depot LFW    
Norton, William E. Cpl Gp HQ   Per SO#34, 1Mar44, awarded the Good Conduct Medal for having served one year of active Federal Service after 7 Dec 1941 and displayed exemplary behavior efficiency and fidelity during such service.Per SO#141, 24Jul44, MOS change from 807 to 805.Per SO#251, 28Nov44, MOS change from 805 to 137.Per SO#238, 11Nov44, TD to Sta 595 for 3-2k course for 35mm projectionists.  
Normington, Jerry K. Sgt 577th 577 roster 2May45    
Novak, Edward R. Sgt 578th 578 roster 5Aug44 Armorer  
Novobilsky, Andrew Cpl 579th SO#51, 1Oct43    
Noyd, Werner S. 1/Lt 576th LFW 576th Sq Armament Officer Capt Noyd's promotion party
Nunez, Enriquo M. Pfc 577th 392, 20Apr45 MOS changed from 521 Airman Basic to 901, Munitions Worker  
Nussman, Donald C. Pfc 578th SO#22, 21Apr43 MOS 911 = Airplane Armorer.Per 578th roster 5Aug44, was a 578th Power Turret & Cnst Mechanic. 578th Sqdn Armament Section   578th turret Section
Nutt, Arthur S. Cpl 578th 578 roster 5Aug44 Armament Clerk 578th Sqdn Armament Section
Nyberg, Duane V. Pfc 1287th MP Co Det A LFW    
Nyman, Richard W. Capt 578th SO#260, 9Dec44 assigned  

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