392nd Bomb Group


Many of the photographs on the links were compiled from the 392nd Memorial Association archives by the late Ernie Barber, group archivist and the 392nd 2nd Generation researchers from relatives and loved ones. They are intended to be viewed for private use and not to be published without written consent from one of the 392nd BGMA researchers. You may contact them through our questions form (leaving airman form boxes empty).Click here for the form.  We continue to update this section on a weekly basis with additional information and photos.

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Name Rank Position Photo
Abraham, Louis J. T/Sgt Radio Operator Brandt crew   Brandt-Kerr enlisted men   Brandt-Kerr ater Belguim crash
Abraham, Robert A. S/Sgt Tail Gunner Acebedo crew
Abrams, Emanuel J. 2/Lt Navigator Neundorf crew   Individual photo     Personal Acct.   Personal Account
Abruzzo, Thomas S. 2/Lt Navigator McCorkle crew
Acebedo, Bruce H. 1/Lt Pilot Acebedo crew
Ackerman, James M. 2/Lt Copilot Sajewski/Whittemore crew
Adago, Dominick R. S/Sgt Ball Turret Morefield crew
Adams, Billy S/Sgt Tail Gunner Individual photo
Adams, John H., Jr. 1/Lt Navigator Lamma crew
Adams, R.V. T/Sgt Radio Operator Brunn crew
Adamson, Jack C. 2/Lt Bombardier Demers crew
Addison, Albert E. 2/Lt Copilot Cerrato crew
Adelman, Seymour Sgt Waist Gunner Majesky crew
Adelson, David S/Sgt Waist Gunner Demers crew
Adelstein, Robert E. 1/Lt Navigator Individual photo  392nd BG PFF Navigators
Adkins, James E. S/Sgt Tail Gunner Raczko crew
Adler, Milton M. 2/Lt Navigator Individual photo   Harcus crew
Adsit, Boyd D. 2/Lt Pilot Adsit crew photo fm Dec 1984 issue 2ADA Journal
Affinito, Louis J. S/Sgt Radio Operator Hoover crew   Hoover crew enlisted men
Agnew, Thomas S. T/Sgt Radio Operator John E. Ross crew
Agoglia, Eugene J. S/Sgt Engineer D.E. Miller crew
Albee, W.K T/Sgt Ball Turret J.N. Taylor crew
Albert, Wallace W. S/Sgt Tail Gunner Richeson crew
Albino, Anthony T/Sgt Engineer John Joyce crew
Albright, Harris B. T/Sgt Engineer John E. Ross crew
Alexander, Andrew J. S/Sgt Gunner Individual photo
Alexander, Allen B. "Ben" Capt Pilot Capt Ben Alexander crew   Football Team   Broussard, Alexander, Kirkwood
Alexander, Richard W. S/Sgt Bombardier Edmund White crew frm March 1985 issue 2ADA Journal
Allen, Alexander W. S/Sgt Top Turret Gunner Individual Photo  Bay crew
Allen, Henry W. 1/Lt Navigator P.B. Henderson crew     Individual photo
Allen, James E. S/Sgt Waist Gunner Schlossberg crew   Allen and Thompson
Allen, William J. S/Sgt Waist Gunner Demers crew
Allendorf, Vincent G. Cpl Waist Gunner Dodson Crew
Allred, Edward L. S/Sgt Waist Gunner Acebedo crew
Alper, Markus M. T/Sgt Tail Gunner Byrne crew
Altemus, Charles V. S/Sgt Waist Gunner Sajewski/Whittemore crew
Altschaft, William L. Sgt Tail Gunner Evans Crew
Amato Joseph J. S/Sgt Waist Gunner Porter crew
Amble, Elmer F. 2/Lt Copilot Roland Sabourin crew #1  Roland Sabourin crew #2
Ambrose, Douglas N. 2/Lt Pilot Ambrose crew
Ammon, Robert H. S/Sgt Radio Operator Sajewski/Whittemore crew
Amodeo, Frank A. Pfc Gunner/Engineer Blakeley crew
Anastos, Gus S/Sgt Gunner Crowell crew
Anderson, Aner E. S/Sgt Waist Gunner Gann crew
Anderson, Carl A. S/Sgt Left Waist W.G. Sharpe crew
Anderson, Charles R. 2/Lt Navigator Stoltz crew
Anderson, Clyde S. S/Sgt Tail Gunner Burrell Ellison crew   Ellison crew enlisted men
Anderson, John B. 2/Lt Copilot Sherwood crew
Anderson, Kenneth W. 2/Lt Copilot Myers crew
Anderson, Thomas T/Sgt Engineer D'Aoust Crew
Anderson, Wendell G. Sgt Waist Gunner Adsit crew photo fm Dec 1984 issue 2ADA Journal
Andrews, Harold L. S/Sgt Left Waist Lt Gerald 'Buck' Rogers crew
Andrews, Quentin Q. S/Sgt Gunner John Joyce crew
Andrews, William E. T/Sgt Radio Operator/Gunner Voght crew   Detrick crew
Ansbro, Mathew J. 2/Lt Pilot Ansbro crew
Anstey, Milton P. F/O Navigator B.R. Shaw crew   B.R. Shaw crew #2
Anundson, Phillip F. 2/Lt Pilot Anundson crew
Apgar, David R. S/Sgt Ball Turret L.G. Peterson crew
Appert, Donald Maj 579th CO Individual photo
Apple, Odis L., Jr. S/Sgt Radio Operator Joynt crew #1   Joynt crew #2
Apter, Albert Sgt Gunner Pierce crew
Archambeau, Alfred P. Sgt Tail Gunner Wyatt crew 4-17-44  Wyatt crew  Wyatt crew enlisted men
Ardinger, Julius 2/Lt Pilot Ardinger crew   Ardinger crew 2   Individual photo
Argast, Ray F. 2/Lt Bombardier Individual photo
Armstrong, George H. T/Sgt Radio Operator Bay crew
Arneson, John A. S/Sgt Waist Gunner Enyart crew
Arnold, Edgar L. S/Sgt Tail Gunner Demers crew
Arnold, Eugene S. S/Sgt Tail Gunner John E. Ross crew
Arnold, John W. 2/Lt Copilot William Barnes crew fm 6/1980 2ADA Journal
Asch, Howard W. S/Sgt Waist Gunner Individual photo
Ashcraft, Blaine S/Sgt Engineer 2/Lt George Bridson crew
Ashen, George T. 2/Lt Bombardier Creel crew
Astleford, Charles E. 2/Lt Navigator Davis crew   Individual photo
Attinson, Charles 2/Lt Navigator Barron Crew
Augustensen, Harold R. F/O Navigator Individual photo  Eyles crew 2
Ault, Donald E. 2/Lt Pilot Ault crew   Individual photo
Austermuhl, George A.   Ball Turret William Sturm crew #1  William Sturm crew #2
Austin, George E. 1/Lt Copilot DePalma crew
Austin, Laurin D., Jr. T/Sgt Engineer Meighen crew
Avery, Walter R. S/Sgt Tail Gunner Cohn Crew   Cohn Crew in front of Silver Streak
Axvig, Willard E. Sgt Tail Gunner Schlossberg crew
Aycock, Charles E. T/Sgt Engineer Enyart crew