392nd Bomb Group


Many of the photographs on the links were compiled from the 392nd Memorial Association archives by the late Ernie Barber, group archivist and the 392nd 2nd Generation researchers from relatives and loved ones. They are intended to be viewed for private use and not to be published without written consent from one of the 392nd BGMA researchers. You may contact them through our questions form (leaving airman form boxes empty).Click here for the form.  We continue to update this section on a weekly basis with additional information and photos.

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Name Rank Position Photo
Maccarrone, Angelo A. Sgt Nose Gunner Individual Photo   Schuster crew
MacDonald, Arthur E. S/Sgt Gunner Paules Crew
Mace, Jr., James E. 2/Lt Bombardier Solomon crew
Maceyra, Edward 2/Lt Navigator Markuson crew   Individual Photo   Marcelli, Hutchcroft, Griesar, Brooks, Maceyra
MacFarlane, Donald R. 1/Lt Pilot 576th Donald MacFarlane crew
Mackelfresh, Taylor H. 1/Lt Bombardier Individual photo  Willis Miller crew #2
Mackey, Oak 2/Lt Copilot Jack C. Clarke crew #2    Personal Acct.
Macklin, Cecil D. T/Sgt Left Waist Capt Grage debriefing aircrew
MacKenzie, Walter B. S/Sgt Left Waist Steinmetz crew
MacPherson, Albert J. S/Sgt Gunner McNichol crew
Madden, Tim E. F/O Copilot E.A. Hestad crew
Maddux, James W   Asst Engineer John Joyce crew
Maertens, Henry J. T/Sgt Engineer/Waist Gunner Niederriter crew
Magee, William H. 2/Lt Navigator Steinmetz crew
Maguire, Frank H. Sgt Waist Gunner Twining crew
Maher, Thomas O. S/Sgt Waist Gunner Caldwell Crew   Caldwell crew 2
Mahon, Eugene M. S/Sgt Ball Turret Roland Sabourin crew #1
Majesky, Alex E. 2/Lt Pilot Majesky crew
Makovy, Victor S/Sgt Waist Gunner Wick crew
Malak, Aloysius J. T/Sgt Radio Operator Rogillio crew   Rogillio crew 2
Malavasic, Anthony F. S/Sgt Tail Gunner Steinmetz crew
Mallamaci, Johnny T. T/Sgt Radio Operator H.W. Miller crew (2 photos)   H.W. Miller crew & Red Cross ladies
Malmborg, Floyd L. 2/Lt Copilot Individual photo   William E. Smith crew
Malone, Henry Q. S/Sgt Radio Counter Measures Teipel crew
Maloney, James P. F/O Copilot Ault crew
Maloukis, Stratis J. S/Sgt Ball Turret D.L. Walker crew
Maloy, Joe B. Sgt Ball Turret Fred Shere crew 577th
Mamukari, Peter Sgt Radio Operator Hotchkiss Crew
Manchester, Frederick R. Sgt Waist Gunner Carey crew   Carey crew 2
Mancuso, Michael A. S/Sgt Ball Turret R.E. Fletcher crew
Mandel, Richard F. T/Sgt Radio Operator Darnell crew
Mandelkow, Elmer S/Sgt Waist Gunner G.A. Scheltens crew
Mandell, Nicholas T/Sgt Radio Operator Marx crew    Personal Acct.
Manelick, Nick L. Sgt Left Waist Rose crew
Manley, Frank H. Sgt Top Turret Olsen crew
Manning, Donald S. 2/Lt Copilot Gill crew
Mansheck, Buster R. S/Sgt Gunner Sincock Crew
Marcelli, Anthony F. 2/Lt Navigator, Bombardier Cerrato crew, Cieply crew   Marcelli, Hutchcroft, Griesar, Brooks, Maceyra
Marchetta, Angelo Cpl Gunner Earl/Smiley crew
Marchuk, John S/Sgt Tail Gunner Oscar P. Johnson crew
Mardirosian, Armen 2/Lt Navigator Individual photo
Mardis, Kenneth A. 1/Lt Copilot Bruce Sooy crew
Marfia, Frank 1/Lt Pilot Frank Marfia crew #1   Frank Marfia crew
Maris, James R. 2/Lt Pilot Maris crew 578th   Maris Crew Officers    Personal Acct. 1    Personal Acct. 2
Markham, Edward H. Cpl Engineer Vickers crew photo
Markle, Judson M. S/Sgt Gunner McClellan crew
Markuson, Clifford O. 1/Lt Pilot Markuson crew   Individual Photo
Marlowe, Joseph D. T/Sgt Engineer Hoover crew   Hoover crew enlisted men
Marshall, Charles R. Sgt Waist Gunner Carey crew   Carey crew 2
Marshall, James W. 2/Lt Copilot D'Aoust Crew
Marshall, Lyle Carl S/Sgt Gunner Harcus crew
Marsters, Warren R. 2/Lt Copilot Edward Wittel crew   Wittel crew 2
Martin, Arliss V. F/O Navigator Schafer Crew   Individual photo
Martin, Charles D. S/Sgt Waist Gunner Holloman/Nicholson crew
Martin, Earl M. T/Sgt Radio Operator Scarlata Crew   Hebron crew   Individual Photo
Martin, John W. 2/Lt Copilot Harry White Crew   Harry White crew #2
Martin, Joseph F. Jr. Sgt Tail Gunner Majesky crew
Martin, Lewis J. Jr. S/Sgt Engineer White crew
Martin, Malcolm K. Maj Gp Operations Officer Individual Photo   392nd Staff Officers 3May45   Individual Photo
Martin, Paul R. Cpl Gunner Larson crew 576th
Martin, Robert C. Jr. 1/Lt Pilot Martin crew
Marvin, Henry E. S/Sgt Waist Gunner George E. Jones crew
Marx, Isaac S. 2/Lt Pilot Marx crew
Masnovi, Reynaldo Sgt Radio Operator Hinshaw crew
Mason, John J. 1/Lt Copilot Meighen crew
Massimiani, Orlando A. Sgt Radio Operator Bingham crew   Bingham Crew 2
Masters, Enoch E. S/Sgt Left Waist C.L. Peterson crew
Mastron, Victor 2/Lt Navigator Carnine crew #1   Carnine crew #2   Carnine crew #3   Escape photo
Matelski, Lorn W. 2/Lt Coilot John Howenstein crew
Mateski, Walter J. S/Sgt Right Waist Roland Sabourin crew #1
Matishowski, John 1/Lt Navigator Beder Crew   Beder, Murray, Samsell, Matishowski
Matracia, August A. S/Sgt Nose Gunner Harold E. Jones crew   Individual photo   Individual photo
Matta,Irving D. T/Sgt Waist Gunner Usry crew
Mattera, Alfred P. Sgt Engineer Eyles crew 1   Eyles crew 2   Eyles crew 3   Eyles crew 4
Mattson, William R. T/Sgt Engineer Stukus crew
Maupin, Jesse C. 2/Lt Navigator Bolick crew 1   Bolick crew 2   Bolick crew 3
Maxfield, Wendell P. 2/Lt Navigator Capt Grage debriefing aircrew
Maxwell, Robert J. Sgt Waist Gunner 578th-Goodwin crew
Mayer, Jr., Randell S. F/O Navigator Leo Ruvolis crew   Individual photo
Maynard, Claiborne R. T/Sgt Engineer Charles Rudd crew
Maroun, Nader P. 1/Lt Navigator Shelley Crew
Mazzei, Anthony P. T/Sgt Engineer Rogillio crew   Rogillio crew 2
McAdams, Ralph E. T/Sgt Radio Operator George E. Jones crew
McAfee, Stewart P. 2/Lt Navigator Individual photo
McArn, Henry W. S/Sgt Left Waist Bruce Sooy crew
McAtee, Joseph R. S/Sgt Gunner Kilmer crew
McBrayer, James N. 2/Lt Bombardier White crew   Individual Photo
McBrayer, Henry G., Jr. S/Sgt Right Waist Bruce Sooy crew
McBrayer, James N. 2/Lt Bombardier Individual photo
McCalicher, Robert L. T/Sgt Engineer Lt Gerald 'Buck' Rogers crew
McCarthy, Clark 2/Lt Copilot Brass Briefing Crew
McCary, Lloyd F. T/Sgt Engineer Pardue Crew 2   Pardue Crew
McClellan, H. Bruce Capt Pilot McClellan crew
McCombs, Alton D. S/Sgt Waist Gunner H.W. Miller crew (2 photos)
McConnell, Cleon 2/Lt Copilot Kilmer crew
McConnell, H.M. S/Sgt Tail Gunner Teipel crew
McCorkle, Robert D. 1/Lt Pilot McCorkle crew
McCormick, Dwight E. Sgt Tail Gunner Creel crew
McCormick, Francis L.J. Cpl Left Waist Douglas Wood crew
McCormick, Frederick C. Sgt Gunner Gridley crew
McCormick, John E. S/Sgt Right Waist William Sturm crew #1, William Sturm crew #2
McCormick, John J. 2/Lt Copilot Douglas Wood crew
McCoy, Forrest W. S/Sgt Nose Gunner Case crew
McCrary, Joe E. S/Sgt Waist Gunner Stukus crew
McCutcheon, James 2/Lt Navigator Holliday crew   Individual photo    Personal Acct.
McDade, Jr., John J. 1/Lt Navigator Dickson-Kubale crew
McDevitt, Jack P. 2/Lt Mickey Navigator Beder Crew   Individual photo
McDonald, Cecil L. Sgt Waist Gunner Ebersole crew   Individual Photo
McDonald, Leo F. 1/Lt Navigator Hebron crew   Champion Crew
McDonald, Paul R. 1/Lt Bombardier Clover crew   Individual Photo
McDonald, Ray C. S/Sgt Engineer Adsit crew photo fm Dec 1984 issue 2ADA Journal
McDonald, Wilbur L. 2/Lt Copilot Paroly crew   Individual photo
McElroy, Virgil E. Sgt Radio Operator Kelly crew
McEvoy, Patrick S. S/Sgt Waist Gunner J. Fred Thomas crew
McFadden, James M. Maj Pilot/577 Sqdn CO Appointed Group Operations Officer per SO#24, 9 Feb 1944; was placed on temporary duty in April 1944 as 14th Combat Wing Comptroller. Became 577th Sq CO in Feb45. Flew to Bradley Field CT on 42-50753 per OO#1, 28May45   392nd Staff Officers 3May45   Individual Photo   Individual Photo   Group Headquarters Photo
McFarlin, James F. F/O Navigator J. Fred Thomas crew
McFarren, Lee W. Sgt Waist Gunner Maris crew 578th
McFerran, James B. 2/Lt Navigator Individual photo
McGahey, George L. S/Sgt Waist Gunner Nugent crew
McGee, Roy E. 2/Lt Copilot 578th-Goodwin crew
McGee, Oliver W. Jr. S/Sgt Engineer Warner crew  Warner Crew Cambridge Funeral
McGill, Charles L. 2/Lt Copilot Raczko crew
McGinley, William C. S/Sgt Gunner Reed crew   Individual photo   Individual photo   John D. Ellis Crew
McGinley, William C. S/Sgt Tail Gunner Stukus crew    Personal Acct.
McGowan, W.J. S/Sgt Ball Turret W.G. Sharpe crew
McGowen, Robert L. 2/Lt Copilot Hebron crew
McGrath, Robert Pvt Engineer Frazier crew
McGregor, James A. 1/Lt Pilot Jim McGregor crew
McGrew, Cecil C. T/Sgt Engineer Individual Photo
McGuffin, S/Sgt Gunner Bingham crew   Bingham Crew 2
McGuire, Edward P. S/Sgt Nose Gunner William Barnes crew fm 6/1980 2ADA Journal
McGuire, William C J. 2/Lt Navigator W.G. Sharpe crew
McInvale, Albert E. T/Sgt Bombardier Dugger crew
McKay, Russell P. 2/Lt Navigator Downs crew   Individual photo
McKee, Sam P. Sgt Gunner Scott crew
McKellar, Campbell C. 2/Lt pilot McKellar crew
McKim, Lynn D. T/Sgt Radio Operator Russell H. Kwash Crew   Kwash crew 2
McKinley, William C. T/Sgt Engineer Graper/Taylor crew   Graper crew
McKinzie, Jr., Walter L. T/Sgt Engineer Lt Hunt crew
McLaghlin 2/Lt Bombardier Novik Crew
Mclaughlin, Martin M. S/Sgt Tail Gunner Ansbro crew
McLaughry, James A. III 2/Lt Copilot Sommers Crew   Individual photo
McLinley, Ed 2/Lt Navigator William Barnes crew fm 6/1980 2ADA Journal
McMahon, Clair D. 2/Lt Bombardier Cornell crew photo fm March 1982 2ADA Journal
McMahon, Ernest J. 2/Lt Navigator William C. Smith crew   Individual photo
McMillan, Hubert L. 2/Lt Pilot McMillan Crew   Individual photo
McMillan, William J. 1/Lt Navigator Clover crew   Individual photo
McMullen, Donald H. 2/Lt Copilot Haffermehl crew
McNeill, Charles E. S/Sgt Gunner Richeson crew
McNichol, Thomas F. 1/Lt Pilot McNichol crew
McNiel, Joseph M. S/Sgt Tail Gunner   R.E. Fletcher crew photo   R.E. Fletcher crew enlisted men
McNeill, Charles S/Sgt Gunner Sommers Crew
McNutt, William H. Cpl Radio Operator Henry W. Hoffman crew
McPherson, Cyrus C. T/Sgt Engineer Propper crew
McQuade, Russell N. 2/Lt Bombardier John Joyce crew   Individual photo
McRight, William O. S/Sgt Waist Gunner William C. Smith crew
McShane, William F. 2/Lt Navigator Individual photo   Individual photo
Medel, Milton N. Sgt Left Waist C.E. Edwards crew Photo #1   C.E. Edwards Crew Photo #2
Medley, Alton C. 2/Lt Bombardier McCorkle crew
Megenhardt, John F. T/Sgt Engineer H.W. Miller crew (2 photos)   H.W. Miller crew & Red Cross ladies
Mehtala, Arvid S/Sgt Tail Gunner Dudziak crew 1   Dudziak crew 2   Dudziak crew 3
Meighen, William E. 1/Lt Pilot Meighen crew
Meister, Russell J. S/Sgt Gunner Jordan crew 2
Mellow, Norman J. T/Sgt Engineer C.E. Edwards crew Photo #1   C.E. Edwards Crew Photo #2
Melton, James A. F/O Bombdardier Individual photo
Menard, John F. 1/Lt Pilot Menard crew
Merda, Anthony S/Sgt Waist Gunner Garcia crew
Merrill, James R. 2/Lt Navigator Robert E. Baetz crew   Baetz Crew Officers   Individual Photo
Mertens, James A. 2/Lt Navigator Enyart crew   Individual photo
Metz, Louis 2/Lt Navigator Richard E. Smith crew 1   Richard E. Smith crew 2
Meyer, Theodore H. S/Sgt Tail Gunner Weaver crew
Meyerowitz, Irwin J. Sgt Tail Gunner Hotchkiss Crew
Meyers, James W. 1/Lt Copilot Copp crew
Mezo, C.L. S/Sgt Gunner Rouse Crew
Michalski, Richard T/Sgt Engineer Scharf Crew
Michel, George W. T/Sgt Radio Operator Robertson crew    Personal Acct.
Middleton, William H.M. S/Sgt Waist Gunner R. J. Benson crew
Milchak, Elmer A. Sgt Right Waist J.R. Hummel crew
Miles, Vernon G. Sgt Gunner C.W. Cheek crew
Miller 2/Lt Bombardier Blakeley crew
Miller, Dell E. 1/Lt Pilot D.E. Miller crew
Miller, DeWitt A. 1/Lt Bombardier Becker crew
Miller, Gene A. 2/Lt Bombardier Kamenitsa crew   Individual Photo
Miller, Henry W. Capt Pilot H.W. Miller crew (2 photos)   H.W. Miller crew & Red Cross ladies
Miller, James E. Sgt Tail Gunner C.W. Cheek crew
Miller, John R. Jr. 2/Lt Copilot Dudziak crew 1   Dudziak crew 2   Dudziak crew 3
Miller, Joseph R. S/Sgt Tail Gunner Davis crew
Miller, Morton Sgt Tail Gunner Maris crew 578th
Miller, Roy L. 1/Lt Pilot Roy L. Miller crew
Miller, Samson S/Sgt Waist Gunner Schafer Crew
Miller, Samuel 1/Lt Bombardier Caldwell crew 2
Miller, Willis L. Capt Pilot Willis Miller crew #1  Willis Miller crew #2
Milliken, William M 2/Lt Pilot Milliken crew   Individual Photo
Milrod, Murray 2/Lt Navigator Individual Photo
Milstead, William R. Sgt Engineer Eyles crew 4   Eyles crew 5
Minick, Frank, Jr. S/Sgt Gunner Reed crew   John D. Ellis Crew
Minton, Delbert C. S/Sgt Gunner Martin crew
Mintz, Herbert B. 2/Lt Navigator Individual photo   Brandt-Kerr ater Belguim crash
Minzenberg, William O. F/O Navigator 576th Robert Reese crew   Individual photo
Mislinski, George J. S/Sgt Tail Gunner 1st Lt McKee crew
Miss, Edward 2/Lt Bombardier DePalma crew
Mitchell 1/Lt Copilot Willis Miller crew #1
Mitchell, Donald F. S/Sgt Waist Gunner Tennie Peterson Crew #2   Markuson & T. Peterson Crews #2   Tennie Peterson crew
Mitchell, Jewell W. S/Sgt Ball Turret Haffermehl crew
Mitchell, Robert L. S/Sgt Waist Gunner Eggleston crew #1   Eggleston crew #2
Mlinarcik, Edward O. 2/Lt Pilot Individual photo
Modlin, Richard E. S/Sgt Nose Gunner Charles Rudd crew
Moeller, Hugh E. T/Sgt Engineer Solomon crew
Moffa, Anthony J. S/Sgt Tail Gunner Crowell crew
Moffatt, John E. 2/Lt Copilot Stukus crew
Mohan, Vincent L. S/Sgt Waist Gunner Enyart crew
Mohr, Donald C. T/Sgt Radio Operator Sherwood crew
Mohr, Joseph 1/Lt Navigator Willis Miller crew #1  Willis Miller crew #2   Individual photo
Moles, William F. S/Sgt Left Waist Willis Miller crew #1  Willis Miller crew #2
Monaghan, Tomyns D. S/Sgt Waist Gunner Markuson crew   Markuson & T. Peterson Crews #1   Markuson & T. Peterson Crews #2
Money, Jack A. S/Sgt Ball Turret Baumgart crew    Personal Acct.
Monroe, Donald E. 2/Lt Pilot Donald E. Monroe crew
Monroe, Robert W. S/Sgt Radio Operator Wyatt crew 4-17-44; Wyatt crew; Wyatt crew enlisted men
Montez, Arthur G. S/Sgt Waist Gunner Cieply crew
Montgomery, Hamilton S/Sgt Waist Gunner Richeson crew
Moody, Clifford B. S/Sgt Tail Gunner Lotterhos crew
Moor, James W. 2/Lt Bombardier L.G. Peterson crew
Moore, Edward H. Cpl Radio Operator Vickers crew photo
Moore, Harland R. S/Sgt Gunner Individual photo
Moore, J.T. S/Sgt Tail Gunner Robertson crew
Moore, John H. Sgt Waist Gunner Robert H. Griggs Crew
Moore, Lawrence R. 1/Lt Bombardier Morphew crew
Moore, Mulford A. F/O Copilot Tokarsky Crew
Moore, Philip L. S/Sgt Engineer Neundorf crew
Moore, Stanley   unknown Burrell Ellison crew
Moos, Julian C. 2/Lt Navigator D.E. Miller crew   Individual photo
Morefield, Hubert F. 1/Lt Pilot Morefield crew   Individual photo
Morgan, Kenneth W. Sgt Engineer Douglas Wood crew
Morgan, Lark C. Sgt Tail Gunner Kamenitsa crew
Morgan, Leonard S. S/Sgt Engineer Sibley crew
Morphew, Orval S. 1/Lt Pilot Morphew crew   Individual photo
Morr, R.J. T/Sgt Engineer G.A. Scheltens crew
Morris, Everette N. S/Sgt Engineer Books crew 579th   Individual photo
Morris, Garald W. Sgt Right Waist Gunner Eyles crew 5
Morris, John A. S/Sgt Waist Gunner Paules Crew
Morris, Marvin O. Sgt Tail Gunner Fred Shere crew 577th
Morris, Joseph E. 1/Lt Navigator Individual Photo
Morrison, Thomas C. T/Sgt Radio Operator 1st Lt McKee crew
Morse, Albert 2/Lt Bombardier C.W. Cheek crew
Morse, Ellis H. Cpl Nose Gunner J.R. Hummel crew
Morse, J.H. T/Sgt Engineer Walter Bell Jr. crew
Mortimer, Dale E. S/Sgt Tail Gunner Eggleston crew #1   Eggleston crew #2
Morton, Ernest R. 2/Lt Bombardier J.E. Muldoon crew #2   Muldoon's Last Mission   Paules Crew
Morton, Neil H. 2/Lt Copilot Ellinger crew officers; Ellinger crew   Individual photo
Mowery, Harold J. S/Sgt Gunner DePalma crew
Muka, John J. Sgt Waist Gunner Dodd crew 1-28-45
Mulder, Robert L. Sgt Nose Gunner Beatty crew
Muldoon, James E. 2/Lt Pilot J.E. Muldoon crew #1 (8-14-44); J.E. Muldoon crew #2   Muldoon's Last Mission
Muldoon, John D. F/O Copilot Olsen crew
Mulhern, Robert T. S/Sgt Radio Operator Belitz crew   Belitz enlisted men 1   Belitz enlisted men 2
Munden, Franklin R. T/Sgt Engineer Caldwell Crew   Caldwell crew 2
Munford, Ben Sgt Waist Gunner Individual photo
Murgatroyd, Raymond S. Jr. T/Sgt Radio Operator Beder Crew
Murphy, Edward R. S/Sgt Gunner Waugh crew
Murphy, Horace G., Jr. S/Sgt Right Waist 1st Lt McKee crew
Murphy, Joseph G. Sgt Tail Gunner Hinshaw crew
Murphy, William F. T/Sgt Nose Gunner Lamma crew
Murray, Frank P. 2/Lt Navigator H.W. Miller crew (2 photos)   H.W. Miller crew & Red Cross ladies
Murray, Jack G. 1/Lt Bombardier Beder Crew   In Copilot Seat   Samsell, Costa, Beder, Murray   Beder, Murray, Samsell, Matishowski   Beder, Murray
Murray, James J. S/Sgt Tail Gunner Eggleston crew #1   Eggleston crew #2
Murray, John P. 2/Lt Bombardier Clapper crew   Individual photo
Musante, Andrew R. Jr. S/Sgt Waist Gunner Propper crew
Myers, Carl E. 1/Lt Pilot Myers crew
Myers, Joseph W. S/Sgt Radio Operator 2/Lt Bernard Fryman crew
Myers, Lawrence P. T/Sgt Engineer D.E. Miller crew