392nd Bomb Group


Many of the photographs on the links were compiled from the 392nd Memorial Association archives by the late Ernie Barber, group archivist and the 392nd 2nd Generation researchers from relatives and loved ones. They are intended to be viewed for private use and not to be published without written consent from one of the 392nd BGMA researchers. You may contact them through our questions form (leaving airman form boxes empty).Click here for the form.  We continue to update this section on a weekly basis with additional information and photos.

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Name Rank Position Photo
Babb, Lonnie L. Jr. 2/Lt Bombardier Felsenthal crew   Individual photo
Bachman, Lawrence W. 2/Lt Copilot B.R. Shaw crew   B.R. Shaw crew #2   Individual photo
Backus, Donald G. T/Sgt Engineer Prell crew 1   Prell crew 2   Individual photo
Bacon, George W. S/Sgt Tail Gunner Detrick crew   Voght crew
Bader, Charles H. 1/Lt Navigator Willis Miller crew #2   392nd BG PFF Navigators   Individual photo
Baer, Daniel J. S/Sgt Waist Gunner Demers crew
Baetz, Robert E. 2/Lt Pilot Robert E. Baetz crew   Baetz Crew Officers   Baetz Crew Partial 1
Bailey, Donald C. 2/Lt Navigator Individual photo   392nd BG PFF Navigators
Bailey, Ralph V. Sgt Ball Turret Schlossberg crew
Baker, Morton T/Sgt Radio Operator Gerow Crew
Baker, Robert W. 2/Lt Bombardier Roy L. Miller crew
Baldwin, Charles L. S/Sgt Ball Turret White crew
Baldwin, William L., Jr. 2/lt Navigator Individual photo
Balides, Theodore 2/Lt Navigator Individual photo   Sincock Crew
Ballas, Peter T. S/Sgt Tail Gunner D.L. Walker crew
Baranoski, John 2/Lt Navigator Dalton Crew
Barbee, Boyce B. T/Sgt Radio Operator Carnine crew #1   Carnine crew #2   Carnine crew #3
Barber         Individual Photo
Barber, Alan G. 1/Lt Navigator Propper crew
Barber, Donald O. Sgt Nose Gunner Capt Grage debriefing aircrew
Barber, Joseph 2/Lt Copilot Holmes crew
Barber, Kenneth A. 2/Lt Copilot 2/Lt Bernard Fryman crew
Barger, George W. 1/Lt Bombardier Scott crew
Barker, Donald G. Sgt Ball Turret Larsen crew-Gertie
Barlog, Richard J. Cpl Gunner Joynt crew #1
Barlow, Stanley N. S/Sgt Tail Gunner Enyart crew
Barnard, Charles F. S/Sgt Gunner Oscar P. Johnson crew
Barnes, Glenn M. T/Sgt Engineer Harry White Crew   Harry White crew #2
Barnes, Joseph M. 2/Lt Navigator Individual Photo   Lt Jack Bilz crew 578th; J.J. Bilz crew
Barnes, Leonard J. Maj Pilot Individual photo   Shelton, Barnes, Stankan, Jackson
Barnes, William B. Capt Pilot William Barnes crew fm 6/1980 2ADA Journal   Individual photo
Barnett, Joseph V. 2/Lt Navigator Individual photo
Barrett, William R. Sgt Radio Operator Eyles crew 1 Eyles crew 2   Eyles crew 3   Eyles crew 4   Eyles crew 5
Barron, James N. 2/Lt Pilot Barron Crew
Barry, William T., Jr. 1/Lt Navigator Individual photo   Individual photo   392nd BG PFF Navigators
Bartholomew, Daniel S/Sgt Waist Gunner Dudziak crew 1   Dudziak crew 2   Dudziak crew 3
Barton, Harold T. S/Sgt Tail Gunner Individual photo
Barton, James C. Sgt Waist Gunner Forsythe crew
Barton, James W. 2/Lt Copilot Waugh crew
Barton, Paul F. 2/Lt Pilot Barton crew
Basham, Frank G. 1/Lt Copilot Bob Egan crew      Bob Egan crew #2   Egan crew Pre-Flight "Poco"
Bass, Louis F. 2/Lt Pilot Individual Photo
Bass, Ralph T. Jr. S/Sgt Gunner Peyton crew   Peyton crew 2
Bassett, Earl F. 2/Lt Navigator Burrell Ellison crew
Bate, Harry C. 2/Lt Copilot Reed crew    Gonseth crew
Bauer, Henry H. 2/Lt Navigator Aubrey Ellis crew    Individual photo
Bauer, Herbert P. T/Sgt Engineer Dudziak crew 1   Dudziak crew 2   Dudziak crew 3   Individual photo
Bauer, William E. S/Sgt Waist Gunner J.J. Reade crew   28 Feb 1944
Baumgart, Vernon A. 1/Lt Pilot Baumgart crew
Baxter, Orus S/Sgt Engineer Bishop Crewmen   Bishop crew
Bay, Roy A. 1/Lt Pilot Bay crew
Beaird, Ocie L. S/Sgt Waist Gunner McCorkle crew
Beals, Bert M. Jr. S/Sgt Nose Gunner Lt Jack Bilz crew 578th    J.J. Bilz crew     Personal Acct.
Bean, Norton M. 2/Lt Navigator Forsythe crewIndividual photo
Beane, Hollis E. Sgt Tail Gunner Rose crew
Beane, Kenneth Q. S/Sgt Tail Gunner McCorkle crew
Beard, James W. T/Sgt Radio Operator Everhart crew
Beaton, William O. 2/Lt Copilot McCorkle crew
Beaton, Stanley O. S/Sgt Gunner Vaden Crew
Beatson, Robert J. 2/Lt Navigator Layton crew
Beatty, James M. 2/Lt Pilot Beatty crew
Beaulieu, Joseph F. S/Sgt Waist Gunner Rouse Crew
Beausoleil, Leon J. T/Sgt Radio Operator Haffermehl crew
Becker, John L. 2/Lt Navigator Individual photo
Becker, John R. 1/Lt Pilot Becker crew
Beckwith, Robert B. T/Sgt Radio Operator Weaver crew
Beddingfield, Luther L. 2/Lt Navigator C.W. Cheek crew
Beder, John 1/Lt Pilot Beder Crew   Individual photo     1/Lt Beder at the controls
Samsell, Costa, Beder, Murray   Beder, Murray, Samsell, Matishowski   Beder, Murray
Bednarcik, Stephen A. S/Sgt Ball Turret J.E. Muldoon crew #1 (8-14-44); J.E. Muldoon crew #2   Muldoon's Last Mission
Bedore, Cletus P. 2/Lt Navigator Individual Photo   D.L. Walker crew
Beezley, Donald D. 2/Lt Bombardier Reed crew    Individual photo
Begley, John F. T/Sgt Radio Operator Schildknecht crew
Behr, Andrew J. F/O Navigator Individual photo   Porter crew
Belden, Don C. S/Sgt Gunner Waugh crew
Belanger, R.E. Sgt Nose Gunner Decker crew-Little Lulu
Belitz, Hans G. 1/Lt Pilot Belitz crew
Bell, Edward M. T/Sgt Engineer Demers crew
Bell, John W. 2/Lt Pilot J.W. Bell Crew
Bell, Raymond N. S/Sgt Gunner Schafer Crew
Bell, Roger W. S/Sgt Waist Gunner Clover crew
Bell, Walter M. 1/Lt Pilot Walter Bell Jr. crew
Bellerive, Richard O. T/Sgt Radio Operator L.G. Peterson crew
Beltz, Gerald E. Sgt Waist Gunner Leo Ruvolis crew
Benadum, Thomas E. S/Sgt Engineer Larson crew 576th
Bender, John M. 2/Lt Navigator Schlossberg crew
Beneson, Milton 1/Lt Navigator Kuster-crew
Bennett, Burdett B. S/Sgt Gunner/Gunnery Instructor Individual Photo
Bennett, Charles E. S/Sgt Radio Operator Davis, Stephens, Bennett
Bennett, Donald F. Cpl Tail Gunner Caldwell Crew
Bennett, Frank A. Sgt Waist Gunner Fred Shere crew 577th
Bennett, Fred M. 2/Lt Navigator White crew
Bennett, Gerald H. S/Sgt Waist Gunner Lt Hunt crew
Bennett, Lloyd G. T/Sgt Nose Gunner Hebron crew
Bennett, Lucian F., Jr. T/Sgt Engineer Byrne crew
Bennett, James E. 2/Lt Bombardier Capt Ben Alexander crew
Benson, Arthur L. 1/Lt Pilot Individual photo      Art Benson crew
Benson, Leonard R. T/Sgt Radio Operator William Barnes crew fm 6/1980 2ADA Journal
Benson, Richard J. 1/Lt Pilot R. J. Benson crew
Benson, Robert J. 2/Lt Copilot Charles Rudd crew
Benz, Robert F. 2/Lt Copilot Individual photo
Berezovsky, Alex T/Sgt Engineer Harold E. Jones crew   Individual photo   Individual photo
Berger, Glen 2/Lt Navigator Hart crew
Berger, Jack E. 2/Lt Copilot Cornell crew photo fm March 1982 2ADA Journal
Berger, Jacob T. Sgt Radio Operator R.H. Tays crew
Berger, Richard F. T/Sgt Engineer McClellan crew
Berger, Robert M. 2/Lt Copilot Clover crew
Berkley, Jack B. 1/Lt Copilot Crowell crew   Individual photo
Berlin, William 2/Lt Navigator Dudziak crew 1   Dudziak crew 2   Dudziak crew 3
Berman, Milton 2/Lt Navigator Individual photo
Bernard, Leo E. S/Sgt Gunner Individual photo
Berquist, Earl J. Sgt Radio Operator Beatty crew
Berry, Hultz F. Sgt Right Waist Anundson crew
Berry Joseph F. S/Sgt Tail Gunner Individual Photo
Bertsch, Paul J. S/Sgt Tail Gunner Richard E. Smith crew 1   Richard E. Smith crew 2
Bertoli, Leonard J., Jr. 2/Lt Navigator Individual Photo   Twining crew
Betterini, Adolph T/Sgt Engineer DePalma crew
Betterley, Ernest C. T/Sgt Engineer Morefield crew
Bettis, Roy W. Sgt Nose Gunner Barton crew   Individual photo
Beutler, Kenneth L. Sgt Gunner Clapper crew
Bevan, Kenneth S. 1/Lt Navigator H.S. Cassell crew   H.S. Cassell crew 2
Biakis, Michael J. 2/Lt Copilot Decker crew-Little Lulu
Bickham, Thomas E. 2/Lt Copilot Downs crew
Biles, William R. 2/Lt Navigator Individual Photo   Larson crew 576th
Billingsley, Glenn R. 2/Lt Pilot Individual Photo
Billman, Vernon E. F/O Bombardier Carey crew
Bilz, Jack J. 2/Lt Pilot Lt Jack Bilz crew 578th; J.J. Bilz crew
Bimbaum, Stanford I. 2/Lt Navigator Reed crew
Bingham, Milford O. 2/Lt Pilot Bingham crew   Bingham Crew 2
Bishop, Charles R. 2/Lt Navigator Individual photo
Bishop, Robert R. 2/Lt Pilot Bishop crew
Biska, Steve L. Sgt. Radio Operator R.E. Fletcher crew enlisted men
Bisnett, Bernard R. T/Sgt Radio Operator Copp crew
Bevill, Billy T. S/Sgt Tail Gunner Individual Photo
Bjork, Howard E. F/O Bombardier Individual photo
Black, Jr., Charles B. T/Sgt Radio Operator Case crew
Blackburn, Wallace F. S/Sgt Waist Gunner John E. Ross crew
Blackford, Lloyd N. T/Sgt Radio Operator Menard crew
Blackham, Wayne R. Sgt Waist Gunner 576th Robert Reese crew; Reese enlisted crew   Dugger crew
Blackwell S/Sgt     Individual photo
Blaida, John M. S/Sgt Right Waist Tyler crew
Blaise, Edward W. Sgt Waist Gunner A.M. Roberts crew
Blake, Belden G. 2/Lt Copilot Schlossberg crew
Blakeley, Willis G. 2/Lt Pilot Blakeley crew
Blalock, Edward L. Sgt Gunner Neundorf crew
Blanco, James W. S/Sgt Engineer C.L. Bell Crew    Personal Acct.
Blaney, Marian L. S/Sgt Waist Gunner Individual photo   J.N. Taylor crew
Blees, Karl H. S/Sgt Engineer Martin crew
Bleickhardt, Frank G. S/Sgt S-27, Voice Interpreter Individual photo
Blekkenk, John T. Jr. S/Sgt Tail Gunner Morefield crew
Blevins, Raymond E. T/Sgt Engineer Individual Photo
Blong, James T. Sgt Engineer Individual Photo   Louis Zweig crew
Bluejacket, Junior W. S/Sgt Waist Gunner J.E. Muldoon crew #1 (8-14-44); J.E. Muldoon crew #2   Muldoon's Last Mission
Bode, John E. S/Sgt Waist Gunner Meighen crew   Individual photo
Bodoh, Allen E. T/Sgt Engineer George E. Jones crew
Boeckermann, Raymond B. Cpl Nose Gunner John Howenstein crew
Boerschinger, Myron F. T/Sgt Engineer 1/Lt J.A. Higgins crew   Higgins crew 2
Boettcher, Rudy 2/Lt Navigator Brandt crew   Football Team   Brandt-Kerr ater Belguim crash
Bogie, Walter W. 2/Lt Bombardier Individual photo
Bolick, Henry P. Jr. 1/Lt Pilot Bolick crew 1   Bolick crew 2   Bolick crew 3
Bolstridge, Charles 1/Lt Copilot Porter crew
Bonanno, Joseph C. T/Sgt Radio Operator Scharf Crew
Bond, James W. 2/Lt Navigator Individual photo
Bondar, Nicholas D. 2/Lt Copilot Frank Marfia crew #1   Frank Marfia crew
Boney, Robert E. T/Sgt Engineer Henry W. Hoffman crew
Bonifant, John T. 2/Lt Copilot Wick crew
Bonnassiolle, John P. Sgt Left Waist Bishop crew
Bookout, Raymond J. S/Sgt Gunner 1/Lt J.A. Higgins crew   Higgins crew 2
Books, Dallas O. 1/Lt Pilot Books crew Profiles/History   Books crew 579th   Individual Photo
Boomhower, Augustus S/Sgt Gunner Layton crew
Boord, Wayne M. S/Sgt Tail Gunner Individual photo
Borchers, Earl J S/Sgt Radio Operator JR Walker crew 28 Dec 1944
Borden, Kenneth L. S/Sgt Tail Gunner G.A. Scheltens crew
Borders, John E. 2/Lt Bombardier Hinshaw crew
Borick Paul M. S/Sgt Engineer Individual photo
Borraccini, Peter J. Sgt Gunner Robertson crew
Bosworth, Benjamin L. S/Sgt Tail Gunner Morphew crew
Bova, Nicholas G. Sgt Radio Operator McKellar crew
Bowen, Robert A 2/Lt Bombardier Sherwood crew
Bowen, William H. S/Sgt Waist Gunner Art Benson crew
Bowers, William B. S/Sgt Waist Gunner 576th Donald MacFarlane crew
Bowman, Fredric N. S/Sgt Engineer Clapper crew
Bowman, John A. 2/Lt Copilot Individual Photo   John Joyce crew
Boyce, Elzie L. S/Sgt Waist Gunner Barton crew
Braccioforte, John F. S/Sgt Waist Gunner Harry White crew #2
Braddock, William A. T/Sgt Radio Operator C.E. Edwards crew Photo #1   C.E. Edwards Crew Photo #2
Bradford, Myron A. 1/Lt Pilot Individual photo   Capt Grage debriefing aircrew
Bradford, Thomas M. S/Sgt Right Waist D.L. Walker crew   Individual photo
Braman, James L. S/Sgt Waist Gunner William Barnes crew fm 6/1980 2ADA Journal
Brandes, Arony H. 2/Lt Bombardier Dalton Crew
Brandi, Joseph G. 2/Lt Navigator Weaver crew   Individual photo
Brandt, George D. 2/Lt Copilot Lopresto crew
Brandt, Roger M. 1/Lt Pilot Brandt crew
Bratcher, Carey E. 2/Lt Navigator Feuerstacke crew
Bratton, Keith D. 1/Lt Pilot Bratton crew
Braunhut, Joseph S. Sgt Radio Operator Gridley crew
Breithaupt, Herman A. S/Sgt Waist Gunner Morefield crew   Individual photo   Individual photo
Brennan, Robert W. S/Sgt Gunner Harcus crew
Brent, Landon H. S/Sgt Ball Turret 578th-Goodwin crew     Personal Acct.
Bridson, George L. 2/Lt Pilot 2/Lt George Bridson crew
Brier, Aubrey L. 1/Lt Copilot Propper crew
Brierley, Archibald R. S/Sgt Engineer Ansbro crew
Briganti, Mario A. Sgt Gunner Art Benson crew
Briggs, Frank S. 2/Lt Navigator Individual photo
Brink, Benjamin E. S/Sgt Gunner Gerow Crew
Brizendine, Tom O. 2/Lt Copilot Individual photo
Brockway, Gilbert S. Sgt Tail Gunner Forsythe crew
Broffman, Kenneth W. S/Sgt Waist Gunner Weaver crew
Brooks, Ercel J. S/Sgt Waist Gunner Warner crew  Warner Crew Cambridge Funeral
Brooks, Lee M. 2/Lt Copilot Cieply crew; Marcelli, Hutchcroft, Griesar, Brooks, Maceyra
Brooks, Van B. S/Sgt Waist Gunner John E. Ross crew
Bross, JG S/Sgt Waist Gunner Walter Bell Jr. crew
Broussard, Presley C. 1/Lt Copilot Capt Ben Alexander crew   Broussard, Alexander, Kirkwood
Brown, Edmund J. 2/Lt Bombardier Individual Photo   C.L. Peterson crew; Bombardiers
Brown, Gilbert R. S/Sgt Left Waist Tyler crew
Brown, Harold F. S/Sgt Nose Gunner Ault crew
Brown, Jay T. T/Sgt Radio Operator Jack C. Clarke crew      Jack C. Clarke crew #2
Brown, Jack C. S/Sgt Radio Operator William Sturm crew #1, William Sturm crew #2
Brown, John T. Sgt Ball Turret Dalton Crew
Brown, Joseph F. T/Sgt Radio Operator John Joyce crew
Brown, Kenneth O. T/Sgt Radio Operator Frank Marfia crew #1   Frank Marfia crew
Brown, Luther E., Jr. T/Sgt Radio Operator Jordan crew 1   Jordan crew 2
Brown, Robert T. S/Sgt Left Waist Lang crew 578th
Brown, Thomas E. 2/Lt Copilot Hinshaw crew
Brownfelder, Allan R. 2/Lt Navigator Carey crew
Browning, 2/Lt Copilot Bingham crew   Bingham Crew 2
Broyles Chester Jr. 2/Lt Bombardier 1/Lt J.A. Higgins crew   Higgins crew 2   579th Sqdn Bombardiers
Bruce, Jr., James C. F/O Bombardier Louis Zweig crew
Brunett, Edward C. T/Sgt Engineer Jack C. Clarke crew      Jack C. Clarke crew #2
Bruney, George L. T/Sgt Engineer Tennie Peterson Crew #2   Tennie Peterson crew
Brunn, Walter S. 2/Lt Pilot Brunn crew   Brunn crew officers
Bryan, Charles F. S/Sgt Gunner DePalma crew
Bryan, Walter F. S/Sgt Waist Gunner Rogillio crew   Rogillio crew 2
Buccigrossi, Sam B. 2/Lt Copilot R. J. Benson crew   Football Team
Buchheit, Edward L. S/Sgt Gunner Feuerstacke crew
Buckles, Robert R. F/O Bombardier Wick crew   1st day at the new home
Buchert, William L. S/Sgt Gunner Hull Crew 1   Hull Crew 2
Buckley, Charles, A. Sgt Tail Gunner Individual photo   Novik Crew
Buckley, George J. S/Sgt Radio Operator J. Goff crew
Budzisz, Albert F. Cpl Gunner DePalma crew
Buecheler, John, E. S/Sgt Pilot Buecheler crew
Buente, Victor O. 2/Lt Bombardier Individual Photo   D.L. Walker crew
Buglewicz, George J. T/Sgt Radio Operator Ault crew
Bull, Floyd L. T/Sgt Radio Operator Stroble crew
Bullard, Robert E. T/Sgt Engineer Acebedo crew
Bunting, John S/Sgt Gunner Fox crew 1   Fox crew 2
Bunyea, Sr., Emmett W. S/Sgt Ball Turret Gunner Lotterhos crew
Buonocore, Francisco L. Sgt Waist Gunner Evans Crew
Burciaga, Lorenzo R. 1/Lt Copilot Nugent crew
Burdette, Joe L. S/Sgt Gunner Robertson crew
Burge, Harold L. 2/Lt Copilot Louis Zweig crew
Burke, James E. T/Sgt Radio Operator Markuson & T. Peterson Crews #1   Markuson & T. Peterson Crews #2
Markuson crew
Burke, William N. S/Sgt Waist Gunner Meighen crew
Burns, Lloyd J. S/Sgt Tail Gunner White crew
Burns, Patrick J. T/Sgt Radio Operator P.B. Henderson crew
Burns, Robert N. T/Sgt Engineer Spartage crew
Burrell, Miles L. S/Sgt Waist Gunner Cerrato crew
Buschman, John G. Capt Pilot Buschman after 4Oct43 mission
Butts, Melford H. 2/Lt Bombardier Tyler crew
Butzmann, Ralph O. E. S/Sgt Radio Operator 576th Robert Reese crew; Reese enlisted crew
Buzick, James M. S/Sgt Ball Turret Graper/Taylor crew   Graper crew
Buzzi, Harold G. 2/Lt Bombardier Ofenstein crew   Individual photo
Byall, James R. Jr. 2/Lt Navigator John E. Griffin crew
Byars, Allen C. Sgt Right Waist Robert E. Baetz crew
Byers, Wayne 2/Lt Bombardier Bombadiers #2   Carnine crew #1   Carnine crew #2   Carnine crew #3
Byler, Harvey J. S/Sgt Gunner Prell crew 1
Byrne, Charles E. 2/Lt Pilot Byrne crew
Byrd, Jay M. S/Sgt Engineer J.E. Muldoon crew #1 (8-14-44); J.E. Muldoon crew #2   Muldoon's Last Mission
Byrd, Jimmie C. S/Sgt Tail Gunner C.L. Peterson crew
Byrnes, William B. 1/Lt Navigator Crowell crew   Individual photo