392nd Bomb Group


Many of the photographs on the links were compiled from the 392nd Memorial Association archives by the late Ernie Barber, group archivist and the 392nd 2nd Generation researchers from relatives and loved ones. They are intended to be viewed for private use and not to be published without written consent from one of the 392nd BGMA researchers. You may contact them through our questions form (leaving airman form boxes empty).Click here for the form.  We continue to update this section on a weekly basis with additional information and photos.

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Name Rank Position Photo
Jackson, Charles J. 1/Lt Pilot Individual photo
Jackson, Charles R. 2/Lt Bombardier William C. Smith crew
Jackson, Carlos H. S/Sgt Waist Gunner White crew
Jackson, George J. 1/Lt Bombardier Jackson and Siling   Lewis, Jackson, Shelton, Jenkins   Shelton, Barnes, Stankan, Jackson   Scarlata, Jackson, Costa and Siggs
Jackson, Harvey S/Sgt Gunner J. Goff crew
Jackson, Leonard A. S/Sgt Ball Turret Lt Hunt crew
Jacobson, Coleman 2/Lt Bombardier Individual photo
Jaffe, Arthur J. 2/Lt Bombardier Schafer Crew
Jaklinski, Bernard S/Sgt Radio Operator Myers crew
Jamar, James L. Sgt Waist Gunner Individual photo
James, Howard P. 2/Lt Navigator McKellar crew
Janak, Edward G. S/Sgt Waist Gunner Hoover crew   Hoover crew enlisted men
Janes, Calvin W. Sgt Right Waist Milliken crew
Jankowski, Stanley F. T/Sgt Engineer Reed crew   John D. Ellis Crew
Jarvis, M.A. Sgt Tail Gunner Decker crew-Little Lulu
Jean, Reginald P. T/Sgt Radio Operator Burrell Ellison crew   Ellison crew enlisted men
Jeans, Roy G. T/Sgt Radio Operator Steinmetz crew
Jeffcoat, Cletus M. T/Sgt Radio Operator Wittel crew 2
Jenkins, Charles E. Cpl Tail Gunner Dodson Crew
Jenkins, William B. T/Sgt Radio Operator Lewis, Jackson, Shelton, Jenkins
Jennings, Clayton H. 2/Lt Navigator McMillan Crew   Individual photo
Jennings, Howard C. T/Sgt Engineer Gonseth crew
Jensen, Aldon H. 2/Lt Copilot Layton crew
Jereb, John F. S/Sgt Gunner D'Aoust Crew
Jernigen, William R. 1/Lt Copilot Pardue Crew
Jeroloman, Howard A. T/Sgt Radio Operator Morphew crew
Jessen, Max M. Sgt Right Waist Louis Zweig crew
Jewell, Robert B. T/Sgt Radio Operator Aubrey Ellis crew
Jewett, George A. 2/Lt Copilot Burrell Ellison crew
Joachim, Walter F. 2/Lt Bombardier Steinmetz crew; Brass Briefing Crew   C.E. Edwards Crew Photo #2
Johns, Mervyn T. 1/Lt Pilot M.T. Johns crew 576th
Johnson, Gen   Brass Briefing Crew
Johnson, Delmar C. 1/Lt Navigator Rex L. Johnson crew     Personal Acct.
Johnson, Earl J. S/Sgt Gunner Waugh crew
Johnson, Eric W. S/Sgt Waist Gunner Brandt crew   Brandt-Kerr enlisted men   Brandt-Kerr ater Belguim crash
Johnson, Henry K. T/Sgt Radio Operator Tuchel Crew
Johnson, James F. T/Sgt Radio Operator Hull Crew 1   Hull Crew 2   Individual photo 1   Individual photo 2
Johnson, Joe C. T/Sgt Engineer Layton crew
Johnson, John T. Jr. Sgt Nose Gunner Frank Koza crew The Liberty Belle
Johnson, Lansil A. Sgt Right Waist Holliday crew
Johnson, Leon Gen 2nd Air Division Commander DeSeversky's Visit
Johnson, Lorin L. Col C.O. Individual Photo   392nd Staff Officers 3May45   L. Johnson at Alamogordo   Johnson and Quagliano
Johnson, Merril S. 1/Lt Navigator Fox crew 1   Fox crew 2
Johnson, Nevin J. Cpl 10thSCS Member of the 10th Station Complement Sqdn.
On 18 Sep 1944, pilot 2/Lt Wade Sewell allowed him to fly
with his crew on their low-level resupply mission in support
of Operation Market Garden; he was killed in action.
Individual photo
Johnson, Norman F. 1/Lt Copilot Sincock Crew
Johnson, Oscar P. 1/Lt Pilot Oscar P. Johnson crew
Johnson, Paul D. S/Sgt Waist Gunner Barton crew
Johnson, Raymond D. 2/Lt Pilot R.D. Johnson crew
Johnson, Richard L. S/Sgt Waist Gunner Case crew
Johnson, Robert G. 2/Lt Navigator Decker crew-Little Lulu
Johnson, Robert H. 2/Lt Pilot Robert H. Johnson Crew
Johnson, Thomas E. S/Sgt Gunner Everhart crew
Jones, Allen V. 2/Lt Bombardier Belitz crew   Individual photo
Jones, Daniel C. S/Sgt Nose Gunner Individual photo
Jones, Elmer E. 2/Lt Bombardier Lopresto crew
Jones, Erling B. 2/Lt Pilot Individual photo
Jones, George E. 1/Lt Pilot George E. Jones crew
Jones, Harold E. 2/Lt Copilot/Pilot Harold E. Jones crew
Jones, James R. T/Sgt Engineer Dugger crew
Jones, Jerome K. S/Sgt Waist Gunner Ardinger crew   Ardinger crew 2
Jones, John H. Capt Navigator Gonseth crew   Graper/Taylor crew   Graper crew
Jones, Leon A. S/Sgt Tail Gunner Hoover crew   Hoover crew enlisted men
Jones, Melvin R. Sgt Right Waist Sisson crew
Jones, Orley R. 1/Lt Navigator Bruce Sooy crew
Jones, Robert R. S/Sgt Waist Gunner Davis crew
Jordan, Erling B. 2/Ltt Pilot Individual Photo
Jordon, Frank C. Sgt Waist Gunner John E. Griffin crew
Jordon, Thomas J., Jr. 2/Lt Pilot Jordan crew 1   Jordan crew 2   Individual photo
Joslin, Gordon D. S/Sgt Waist Gunner Davis crew
Joyce, John F. 2/Lt Pilot John Joyce crew
Joynt, Albert E. 2/Lt Pilot Joynt crew #1, Joynt crew #2
Judd, Garland W. 1/Lt Bombardier Bombadiers #2   R.E. Fletcher crew photo   Roper crew 1   Individual photo
Judd, George G. 2/Lt Navigator Individual photo   Sommers Crew
Jurczyn, Bill J. 2/Lt Copilot William Sturm crew #1, William Sturm crew #2
Jurgens, Henry S/Sgt Tail Gunner Buecheler crew   Buecheler crew enlisted en