392nd Bomb Group


Many of the photographs on the links were compiled from the 392nd Memorial Association archives by the late Ernie Barber, group archivist and the 392nd 2nd Generation researchers from relatives and loved ones. They are intended to be viewed for private use and not to be published without written consent from one of the 392nd BGMA researchers. You may contact them through our questions form (leaving airman form boxes empty).Click here for the form.  We continue to update this section on a weekly basis with additional information and photos.

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Name Rank Position Photo
Cable, Jay V. Sgt RCM Individual photo
Cade, George W., Jr. T/Sgt Radio Operator Cieply crew
Cain, Paul L. T/Sgt Engineer Markuson & T. Peterson Crews #1   Markuson & T. Peterson Crews #2   Markuson crew
Caldwell, Robert R. Capt Pilot Caldwell Crew   Caldwell crew 2
Call, F.B. 1/Lt Copilot Scharf Crew
Callahan, Carnelius J. S/Sgt Radio Operator Louis Zweig crew
Callahan, Edward M. S/Sgt Left Waist Russell H. Kwash Crew   Kwash crew 2
Campbell, George L. S/Sgt Radio Operator Bolick crew 1   Bolick crew 2   Bolick crew 3
Campbell, Robert A. 2/Lt Bombardier Spartage crew
Cameron, Arthur S. 2/Lt Copilot John E. Griffin crew
Cannada, Vernon P. T/Sgt Engineer Edward Wittel crew   Wittel crew 2
Cannistraro, Pietro A. 2/Lt Bombardier Oscar P. Johnson crew
Cannon, Leslie F. S/Sgt Engineer Cieply crew
Cannon, Marlin H. S/Sgt Gunner Martin crew
Capik, John H. S/Sgt Tail Gunner Solomon crew
Cappello, Emanuel J. Sgt Engineer Kilmer crew; Weather & Relay crew
Carey, Richard J. 2/Lt Pilot Carey crew
Carley, Raymond J. 2/Lt Navigator Tyler crew
Carlson, Carl E. T/Sgt Engineer Lishka crew
Carlstrand, Roland S/Sgt Radio Operator Roy L. Miller crew
Carleton, Dean 2/Lt Copilot Aubrey Ellis crew
Carnine, Guy D. 1/Lt Pilot Individual Photo   Carnine crew #1   Carnine crew #2   Carnine crew #3     Personal Acct.
Carpenger, Bernard E.   Waist Gunner Eyles crew 2   Eyles crew 3
Carpenter, Jesse A. S/Sgt Waist Gunner J.E. Muldoon crew #1 (8-14-44); J.E. Muldoon crew #2   Muldoon's Last Mission
Carr, Robert P. S/Sgt Waist Gunner Beder Crew
Carrabba, Carmen Sgt Tail Gunner Pierce crew
Carrano, Anthony J. S/Sgt Waist Gunner Hammond crew
Carrington, William E. Sgt Waist Gunner Forsythe crew
Carroll, Edward P. S/Sgt Tail Gunner Olsen crew
Carroll, John T. T/Sgt Radio Operator Gann crew
Carroll, Joyce B. S/Sgt Waist Gunner Sherwood crew
Carroll, William J., Jr. T/Sgt Radio Operator Davis crew
Carter,     Vickers crew photo
Carter, Calvin J., Jr. FO Navigator Individual photo
Carter, Delmar J. S/Sgt Tail Gunner Tuchel Crew
Caruso, Joseph A. 1/Lt Pilot Individual Photo
Carusone, Nicholas M. Sgt Waist Gunner Sibley crew
Case, R.F. S/Sgt Tail Gunner Walter Bell Jr. crew
Case, William D. 1/Lt Pilot Case crew
Casey, Harry W. 2/Lt Navigator 1/Lt J.A. Higgins crew   Higgins crew 2
Cashman, Clair A. S/Sgt Engineer Individual photo   Individual photo
Cassell, Jr., Harrison S. Capt Pilot H.S. Cassell crew      H.S. Cassell crew 2
Cassity, James J. 1/Lt Copilot Willis Miller crew #1  Willis Miller crew #2
Casstevens, Ralph C. 2/Lt Copilot J.R. Walker crew
Castaneda, Jose A. S/Sgt Ball Turret Robert H. Johnson Crew
Castle, Olin D. T/Sgt Gunner Voght crew
Castor, James R. S/Sgt Waist Gunner White crew
Cattano, Joseph V. 2/Lt Navigator Dudziak crew 1   Dudziak crew 2   Dudziak crew 3
Cauble, William R. T/Sgt Radio Operator 1/Lt J.A. Higgins crew
Caulfield, John J. 2/Lt Navigator Kamenitsa crew
Cechowski, Casimir C. 2/Lt Bombardier Forsythe crew   Individual photo
Cerrato, Jr., Vincent H. 2/Lt Pilot Cerrato crew
Cetin, William F. 1/Lt Bombardier H.S. Cassell crew   H.S. Cassell crew 2   579th Sqdn Bombardiers     Personal Acct.
Chacon, Mandel J. S/Sgt Engineer 578th-Goodwin crew
Chadwick, Russell H. 2/Lt Bombardier J.R. Hummel crew
Chambers, Jr., Richard L. S/Sgt Radio Operator Kilmer crew; Weather & Relay crew
Chamblin, Jean N. T/Sgt Radio Operator Holloman/Nicholson crew
Champion, Andrew S. 2/Lt Pilot Champion Crew
Chanson, Marcel C. S/Sgt Waist Gunner Case crew
Chapman, Cyrus M. S/Sgt Waist Gunner Propper crew
Chapman, Keith W. T/Sgt Engineer Capt Grage debriefing aircrew
Chapman, Lorn E. T/Sgt Engineer Stewart crew 1   Stewart crew 2
Chatten, Jack F. 2/Lt Bombardier Everhart crew
Chatterton, Gale A. Sgt Gunner Art Benson crew    Individual photo
Chauvin, Albert J Cpl Waist Gunner John Howenstein crew
Cheairs, William T. Jr. 2/Lt Copilot White crew
Cheek, Carroll W. 2/Lt Pilot C.W. Cheek crew
Chelenyak, John A. T/Sgt Engineer Individual PhotoBrandt crew   Brandt-Kerr enlisted men   Brandt-Kerr ater Belguim crash
Chenail, George E. T/Sgt Radio Operator Dugger crew
Cheshire, William T. T/Sgt Radio Operator J.W. Bell Crew
Chenet, James H. 2/Lt Copilot Marx crew
Chew, William B. S/Sgt Radio Operator Ebersole crew
Chick, Anthony P. Sgt. Tail Gunner Pounds crew
Childers, James E. Pvt Tail Gunner Shelley Crew
Childress, William J. Sgt Ball Turret 2/Lt Bernard Fryman crew
Chinchilla, Francis P. 1/Lt Bombardier Shelley Crew   Individual photo
Chiodo, Michael A. Sgt Ball Turret Bishop Crewmen   Individual   Individual   Bishop crew
Christensen, Robert W. 2/Lt Copilot Hotchkiss Crew
Christian, Norman R. 2/Lt Bombardier 2/Lt Bernard Fryman crew   Individual photo
Christman, Harold E. F/O Bombardier Ansbro crew
Christopher, Donald B. Cpl Tail Gunner John Howenstein crew
Cieply, Edward J. 2/Lt Pilot Cieply crew
Cihon, John R. 2/Lt Bombardier Individual photo    Personal Acct.
Cinquina, Enrico A. S/Sgt Left Waist Downs crew
Claffey, Lawrence A. S/Sgt Nose Turret Bingham crew   Bingham Crew 2   Individual photo
Clancy, Edwin A. Jr. 2/Lt Navigator Bay crew
Clapp, Roger E. Jr. T/Sgt Radio Operator Charles Rudd crew
Clapper, Elwin E. 2/Lt Pilot Clapper crew
Clark, Arthur 2/Lt Bombardier Hoover crew
Clark, Donald L. 2/Lt Pilot Individual photo
Clark, Harold J. 2/Lt Bombardier Twining crew
Clark, Russell E. S/Sgt Waist Gunner McCorkle crew
Clarke, Alan B. S/Sgt Top Turret Paroly crew
Clarke, Jack C. 2/Lt Pilot Jack C. Clarke crew   Jack C. Clarke crew #2
Claytor, David D. 1/Lt Bombardier Richeson crew
Cleaton, Charles T. 2/Lt Bombardier J. Goff crew   579th Sqdn Bombardiers
Clemmer, Coit Cpl Tail Gunner Hart crew
Clendening, Roger D. Sgt Radio Operator Anundson crew
Cleverdon, Robert N. 2/Lt Navigator Individual Photo   Solomon crew
Cline, Alfred P. 2/Lt Navigator Raczko crew   Individual photo
Close, Harold R. Sgt Radio Operator Adsit crew photo fm Dec 1984 issue 2ADA Journal
Clover, Donald K. 1/Lt Pilot Clover crew
Clower, William J. 1/Lt Pilot Clower crew
Cobb, Calvin J. Jr. S/Sgt Waist Gunner Stewart crew 1   Stewart crew 2
Coble, Aubrey D. S/Sgt Engineer Ellinger crew
Cochran, Gail D. Sgt Tail Gunner R.D. Johnson crew
Coday, Donald S. S/Sgt Waist Gunner Morefield crew
Coe, John D. 2/Lt Navigator Individual photo
Coe, Vernon E. 1/Lt Copilot Acebedo crew
Coffman, Joseph G. Sgt Gunner Kilmer crew
Cohen, Jack M. 2/Lt Navigator Robert H. Griggs Crew
Cohn, Alfred J. 2/Lt Pilot Cohn Crew    Cohn Crew in front of Silver Streak
Colasanti, Biaggio R. S/Sgt Engineer 576th Donald MacFarlane crew
Colbrook, Willard L. 2/Lt Navigator Bratton crew   Individual photo
Cole, Ernest W. Sgt Engineer McKellar crew   Individual Photo
Cole, R.W. 1/Lt Navigator Walter Bell Jr. crew
Cole, Monell A. S/Sgt Left Waist Gunner Stoltz crew
Coleman, Alvin D., Jr. 2/Lt Navigator Kelly crew   Individual photo
Coleman, Edward B. S/Sgt Tail Gunner Eisermann crew
Coleman, Vincent B. 2/Lt Navigator Hull Crew 1   Hull Crew 2
Collins, John M. 2/Lt Copilot Scarlata Crew
Collins, Stephen J. Jr. S/Sgt Waist Gunner Aubrey Ellis crew   JR Walker crew 28 Dec 1944
Collins, William P. S/Sgt Gunner Kuster crew   Kuster crew enlisted men   Kuster crew enlisted men 2
Colvin, John A., Jr. 1/Lt Copilot H.S. Cassell crew   Pardue Crew 2
Colquhoun, R.N. S/Sgt Gunner Crowell crew
Conley, Erwin D. S/Sgt Radio Operator Dalton Crew
Conley, James M. T/Sgt Radio Operator Paroly crew
Conn, Joseph G. S/Sgt Waist Gunner Caldwell Crew   Caldwell crew 2
Connelly, James J., Jr. Sgt Asst. Radio Operator Roper crew 1
Conner, James K. 2/Lt Bombardier Evans Crew
Connery, Michael J. 1/Lt Bombardier Hunsaker crew officers   Gonseth crew
Connolly, Joseph D. 1/Lt Navigator Detrick crew
Connor, Daniel Jr. T/Sgt Radio Operator Peyton crew   Peyton crew 2   Individual photo
Connor, Edward J., Jr. T/Sgt Engineer Linzmeier crew
Connor, Joseph A., Jr. 2/Lt Copilot Roy L. Miller crew
Conrad, D.E. S/Sgt Waist Gunner Teipel crew
Conrad, John B. 1/Lt Navigator Gonseth crew   Individual photo   392nd BG PFF Navigators
Constabile, Frank R. S/Sgt Gunner Layton crew
Cook, Ervan J. S/Sgt Engineer Paules Crew
Cook   Navigator 576th Operations Officers
Cook, Joseph M. 2/Lt Copilot Robert H. Johnson Crew   Individual photo
Cook, Leon B. 2/Lt Copilot Belitz crew
Cooke, Albert R. T/Sgt Engineer Schlossberg crew
Cooke, Wayne B. Sgt Engineer Anundson crew
Coolidge, Donald B. T/Sgt Radio Operator Stoltz crew
Cooper, Joe P. T/Sgt Radio Operator Buecheler crew   Buecheler crew enlisted en
Cooper, James N. Sgt Tail Gunner Barron Crew
Cooperman, Gerald F. S/Sgt Waist Gunner Pierce crew
Copeland, Jack N. S/Sgt Asst. Engineer Roper crew 1   Roper crew 2
Coplin, Guy R. S/Sgt Engineer Lang crew 578th
Copp, Robert D. Capt Pilot Copp crew   Individual photo   Robert Copp Newspaper 1   Robert Copp Newspaper 2     Personal Acct.
Copple, Robert N. 2/Lt Bombardier Brandt crew   Brandt-Kerr ater Belguim crash
Corbosiero, Jerry L. T/Sgt Radio Operator DePalma crew
Corcoran, Richard G. Sgt Waist Gunner C.W. Cheek crew
Cordes, Winfield C. 1/Lt Copilot Baumgart crew
Cordick, Donald H. S/Sgt Tail Gunner Graper/Taylor crew   Graper crew
Cornell, John T. 2/Lt Pilot Cornell crew photo fm March 1982 2ADA Journal
Correnty, Ralph D. 1/Lt Bombardier Niederriter crew
Costa, Joseph A. Capt Bombardier Individual photo   Scarlata, Jackson, Costa and Siggs   Samsell, Costa, Beder, Murray
Cothran, James W. Sgt Radio Operator Milliken crew
Cottone, Pellegrino P. 2/Lt Navigator Cohn crew in front of Silver Streak   Creel crew
Coudriet, Frederick G. S/Sgt Gunner Individual Photo
Cound, Arthur L. 2/Lt Navigator Waugh crew   Individual photo
Courey, Abdallah E. Cpl Engineer John Howenstein crew
Courtney, Edward J. S/Sgt Ball Turret Darnell crew
Courtney, Robert J. Sgt Tail Gunner Stoltz crew
Coury, George A. Sgt Right Waist R.H. Tays crew
Coury, Lewis J. Sgt Radio Operator Eyles crew 5
Coveney, Clarence M. S/Sgt Ball Turret Sherwood crew
Coward, David M. 2/Lt Navigator Individual Photo   G.A. Scheltens crew
Cowley, John C. S/Sgt Engineer Leo Ruvolis crew
Cox, Robert 2/Lt Bombardier Fred Shere crew 577th   John D. Ellis crew
Cox, Robert L. Maj 489th BG Observer Hammond Crew - Individual photo
Coy, Edward T. 2/Lt Navigator Individual photo   Russell H. Kwash Crew   Kwash crew 2
Coyle, James D. 2/Lt Bombardier Brunn crew   Brunn crew after volleyball
Crabbe, Charles W. T/Sgt Engineer Davis crew
Craig, James D. S/Sgt Gunner Bolick crew
Crane, Fred D. 1/Lt Copilot John E. Ross crew
Crane, Jackson B. 2/Lt Bombardier Willis Miller crew #1
Crane, Theodore P. Sgt Gunner Downs crew
Cranson, Walter N. 2/Lt Copilot Sisson crew
Crawford, Don A. Jr. 2/Lt Copilot Hart crew
Crawford, Earl G. Jr. S/Sgt Left Waist Clover crew   Individual Photo
Creel Harold L. 2/Lt Pilot Creel crew
Creme, Anthony R. 2/Lt Bombardier Individual Photo   Earl/Smiley crew
Cristofaro, Gus J. S/Sgt Left Waist Larsen crew-Gertie
Crockett, Joseph G. S/Sgt Radio Operator Vaden Crew   Crockett and S/Sgt. Charles Smith   Crocket and Sgt. Chuck Wheelwright
Crosby, Philip E. 2/Lt Bombardier Individual photo
Cross, Gerald H. T/Sgt Engineer Cohn Crew    Cohn Crew in front of Silver Streak
Crouch, Marshall C. 2/Lt Navigator Baumgart crew
Crowell, Richard K. 1/Lt Bombardier Pardue Crew   Pardue Crew 2
Crowell, Robert K. 2/Lt Pilot Crowell crew   Individual photo
Croy, Otis N. Sgt Radio Operator Rose crew
Cubakovic, Joseph G. Sgt Waist Gunner Roy L. Miller crew
Cuervo. Frederick J. Sgt Waist Gunner Felsenthal crew   Individual photo
Cuevas, Dearman E. Sgt Tail Gunner Meighen crew
Cugini, Michael W. S/Sgt Right Waist W.G. Sharpe crew
Culp, Alben B. 2/Lt Copilot Ebersole crew
Cullins, Thomas Franklin S/Sgt Right Waist Individual photo
Cummings, Donald L. T/Sgt Engineer Ambrose crew
Cummings, Frank L. 2/Lt Navigator Caldwell Crew  ; Individual photo
Cunniff, Vincent L. 1/Lt Bombardier Gann crew  ; Individual photo  ; Individual photo
Cunningham, Robert B. 2/Lt Bombardier N. Young crew   Bombardiers   Christening Photos
Cunningham, Vincent J. 2/Lt Navigator Individual photo
Cunningham, Williaim A. S/Sgt Ball Turret Frank Marfia crew #1   Frank Marfia crew
Curry, Ernest D. S/Sgt Engineer C.W. Cheek crew
Cuthbert, Joseph K. Cpl Waist Gunner Larson crew 576th
Czyzewicz, Chester H. 1/Lt Bombardier Individual Photo   Meighen crew   William Barnes crew fm 6/1980 2ADA Journal