392nd Bomb Group


Many of the photographs on the links were compiled from the 392nd Memorial Association archives by the late Ernie Barber, group archivist and the 392nd 2nd Generation researchers from relatives and loved ones. They are intended to be viewed for private use and not to be published without written consent from one of the 392nd BGMA researchers. You may contact them through our questions form (leaving airman form boxes empty).Click here for the form.  We continue to update this section on a weekly basis with additional information and photos.

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Name Rank Unit Comments Photo
Rabenburg, Victor N. Pfc 578th Admin & Technical Clerk
Raichelson, David Pfc 579th MOS 501 = Admin and Tech Clerk
Raifsnyder, James H. Pfc 578th MOS 911 = Airplane Armorer
Rackham, James R. Pvt 579th MOS 747 = Airplane and Engine Mechanic - 579th ground crew going on a pass
Radcliff, Raul R. Cpl 10thStaCompSq  
Radice, Angelo Pvt 578th MOS 521 = Airman Basic.Per 578th roster 5Aug44, was a Truck Driver. - Taub and Radice - Abbato and Radice
Rae, James C. Jr. Sgt 576th  
Rakoski Sgt 576th Instrument Spec.
Ralph, Grover E. Pvt Gp Hq and 10thStaCompSq Airman Basic
Ralston, Sam Pfc Gp Hq and 579th MOS 405 = Intelligence Clerk - S-2 Staff   SSgt Sam Ralston 1943
Ramey, Donald A. Pvt 577th MOS 060 = Cook
Ramirez, J. Pvt 576th Aircraft Armorer
Ramirez, Jesus G. Pvt 579th MOS 521 = Airman Basic
Ramirez, Joe S. Pfc 577th  
Ramirez, Justo Pfc 576th  
Ramos, Marshall M. Pvt 579th MOS 929 = Automotive Equipment Operator
Ramsay, J.A. Sgt   Trolley Passengers
Ramsay, Ray F.     Transportation
Ramsburg, John H. S/Sgt 579th transferred from 579th to 1217th MPs.Per SO#212, 11Oct44, moved from MPs to 579th.
Ramsey, Day F. Pvt 579th assigned, MOS 014
Ramsey, Donald A. Cpl 577th Cook
Ramweiler, Herbert C.      
Ramweiler, Herbert C. S/Sgt 10thStaCompSq  
Ranco, Alexander J. Pvt 806th Chem Co. Awarded the Good Conduct Medal.
Randa, S. Pfc   Trolley Passengers
Randall, Raymond H. Pvt 579th MOS 747 = Airplane and Engine Mechanic
Rank, Elmer F. Sgt   Trolley Passengers
Rankin, Wesley T. T/Sgt 579th assigned
Ranta, William H. Sgt 576th MOS 678=Power Turret and Gunsight Mechanic (Sperry).576th Turret Section Head; perhaps in 576th Armament
Ranweiler, Herbert C. S/Sgt 10th SCS. 465th Sub Depot Trolley Passengers - p4, orig mbr. MOS 685=Airplane Electrical Mechanic, Specialist. p54, donated blood. P58, worked in the Electric Shop. Per SO#212, 1Oct44, MOS change from 685 to 958.
Rapner, R.A. Cpl   Trolley Passengers
Rappel, Stanley W. T/4 1825th Ord S&M Co  
Rasch, George H. Cpl 578th MOS 747 = Airplane and Engine Mechanic
Ratcliff, Rece Pvt 576th Finished TD with 1287th MPs and returned to 576th.Per SO#185, 11Sep44, MOS change from 521 to 590.Per SO#275, 27Dec44, Capt Wipfler and 1/Lt Mommer appointed to investigate the damage to civilian property on 19Nov44 by Pvt Ratcliff and determine if he should be held liable for the damage.07041307
Ratcliffe, John A.   576th; 1287th MP Det Per Ernie, his house was only about 30 yds in front of his front door. I could open my bedroom window and talk to the guy on guard. .. After all these years I can still remember some of their names. One I knew very well and he was a friend of my father's his name was John Ratcliffe. He came from texas where his parents had a ranch where they trained horses for the Policy Military." Per SO#68, 25Apr44, placed on SD with 1287th MPs. Per SO#239, 13Nov44, released from 576th and asgn to 1287th MPs. MOS 590. Per SO#164, 18aug44, MOS change from 521 to 590.
Ratliff, O.N. T/5   Trolley Passengers
Ratliff, W.W. Cpl   Trolley Passengers
Rauth, Charles A. Cpl 10thStaCompSq  
Ray, James M. Cpl 10thStaCompSq  
Ray, James R. Pfc 576th Munitions Worker
Ray, Raymond H. Sgt 577th Automotive Equipment Operator - Individual photo
Ray, Walter R. Pvt 579th MOS 911 = Airplane Armorer
Reagan, Johnny Cpl 10th SCS P23, in March 45, Cpl. Johnny Reagan got his wish to see the Continent in that he was placed on DS to the Continent someplace to work on radios etc.
Reagan, Lee O. Pfc GP HQ assigned; MOS 521.Per SO#80, 10Apr45, MOS change from 521 to 590.Awarded Good Conduct Medal per GO#2, 27Apr45.
Reasoner, R. Sgt 576th Baker
Reathley, Dick N. T/Sgt 1825th Ord S&M Co  
Rebhun, J. Sgt   Trolley Passengers
Rebich, George Capt 577th assigned. Per 2BD SO 163, 12Jun44, had been assigned to 392nd but DS to 14th CW and was now permanently assigned to 14CW.
Reausaw Jr, Fred M. S/Sgt 577th placed on indefinite TD with Det "A" 1287th MP Co (Avn).Perhaps had finished combat tour.
Rebok, Jack C. Pvt 576th MOS 747 = Airplane and Engine Mechanic.Per Capt Levell's roster, 576th Ground Crew #1, "A" Flight. - Meeker and Robok 1   Meeker and Robok 2
Recs, Ira C. Pfc Gp HQ assigned; MOS 055.
Reddell, Marshall W. Pfc 1217th QM Svc Gp 1217th QM Co - 1217th-QM-Co-AVN-May-1994 NEWS
Reece, Clyde E. Cpl 577th MOS 747 = Airplane and Engine Mechanic
Reed Cpl   Trolley Passengers
Reed, Burwin Lt 578th Per LFW, 578th Gunnery Officer
Reed, David H. S/Sgt 74th Svc Sqdn; 465th Sub-Depot p4, orig mbr. MOS 747=Airplane & Engine Mechanic. p21, was crew chief for the P-47D; might be the same man who on p42 worked in Hangar #1. Per SO#209, 7Oct44, xferred to Det of Patients, 4210 US Army Hospital Plant per orders from 231st Sta Hospital.
Reed, Edwin Capt Gp Hq Group Photo Interpreter, later moved to 2BD HQ. - Grage,Reed,Alexander,Hunt   Individual Photo
Reed, Lloyd H. 1/Lt 576th and 579th  
Reed, William N. Cpl Gp Hq Awarded the good Conduct Medal per SO#99, 28Dec43, "who after 7 Dec 1944 having honorably served one year of active Federal Military service while the US is at war has displayed exemplary behavior efficiency and fidelity during such service." Per SO#237, 10 Nov 1944, MOS change from 056 to 405. Per 2BD GO#99, 15 Mar 1945, was awarded the Soldier's Medal "for heroism displayed at the scene of a crash landing of a heavy bomber in England, 23 Jan 1945. Entered the service from Pennsylvania." This is undoubtedly the crash of a 379th BG B-17 flown by 2/Lt Carl C. Hathaway.   Group Headquarters Photo
Reese, Clyde E. Cpl 578th Airplane & Engine Mechanic
Reeve Jr, John E. Pfc 576th MOS 683 = Bombsight Mechanic (Sperry)
Refsal, Floyd W. Pfc 1287th MP Co Det A  
Regan, John C. Cpl 10thStaCompSq  
Rehok, J. Sgt   Trolley Passengers
Reicks, Walter H. Cpl 10thStaCompSq  
Reid Jr, William J. S/Sgt 10thStaCompSq Per LFW, he worked on behalf of 10thStaCompSq for American Red Cross Christmas party for local orphanages and schools
Reid, James R. Pfc 576th MOS 911 = Airplane Armorer
Reid, Jr, William J. S/Sgt 403d Hq & Base Serve Sq ASG MOS changed from 566 Duty NCO to 502 Administrative NCO
Reif, Harold R. Sgt 10thStaCompSq  
Reilly, Joseph T. Pfc 10th SCS p4, xferred to Hq 14th CW per 2BD orders dtd 21 Apr 44. Per 2BD SO 111, 21Apr44; MOS 237, Teletype Operator
Reimers, Ervin L. Pvt 10th SCS Per SO47, 25Sep43, ordered from 10thSCS to 14CW.
Reinhard, Frank E. Sgt 577th  
Reish, William M. S/Sgt 576th MOS 504.Per Capt Levell's roster, 576th Ordnance Asst Section Chief
Reiter, Andrew A. Sgt Gp Hq MOS 501 = Admin and Tech Clerk
Remeur, Robert J. Sgt 578th Airplane and Engine Mechanic
Remfrey, Curt M. Capt Gp Hp Station Ordnance Officer
Remkus, Clarence W. Cpl 578th Photo Lab Tech - Individual Photo
Renfro, G.M. Sgt   Trolley Passengers
Repsher, Floridon A. Pfc 577th in 577th transportation. ASN 33056448
Reshke, Albert H. Pvt 579th MOS 521 = Airman Basic
Revard, Lowell A. Pfc 577th MOS 747 = Airplane and Engine Mechanic
Revetta, Frank J. Pvt Gp Hq and 2101st FF Pl MOS 590, Laborer
Reyna, Gregorio M. Sgt 10th SCS, 2101st FF pl The 2101st EFFP history shows Sgt Gregorio M. Reyna being xferred to their unit fm Det A, 2033rd Engr Avn FF Pl. Was made a section leader. Per GO#6, 7Sep44, awarded the Good Conduct Medal. Per SO#19, 25jan45, xferred to 12th Reinf Depot for xfer to infantry; MOS 383. Per 2BD SO 99, 9Apr44, transferred from Det A, 2033rd EFFPl to 2101st EFFpl. MOS 383.
Reyna, Maximo Pvt 10thStaCompSq  
Reynerson, Luther S. Pfc 578th MOS 747 = Airplane and Engine Mechanic
Reynolds Cpl 576th Cook
Reynolds S/Sgt 576th 576th Crew Chief #44-510528.576th Ground Crew #5, "C" Flight
Reynolds, Buford J. M/Sgt 576th 576th Crew Chief #44-510528. 576th Ground Crew #5, "C" Flight. Promoted to M/Sgt per SO#25, 1Feb45. Per SO#72, 30Mar45, MOS change from 747 to 750. Flew to Bradley Field CT on 44-50671 per OO#1, 25May45, MOS 750.
Reynolds, Charlie L. T/Sgt 806th Chem Co. Per SO#10, 12Jan45, TD for rocket launcher and grenade launcher course.
Reynolds, Chester W. Cpl 577th  
Reynolds, Daniel W. 2/Lt 576th appointed Asst Sta Trans Officer.Per SO#140, 23Jul44, transferred to 576th from 231st Station Hospital.
Reynolds, John Pfc 578th Orderly
Rhode, R.E. S/Sgt   Trolley Passengers
Rhodes Jr. George T. 2/Lt 577th Per LFW, Asst Sq Intelligence Officer
Rhodes, H.F. T/Sgt   Trolley Passengers
Ribar, Emil J. Pfc 10thStaCompSq Awarded Soldier's Medal for heroic actions 5Dec43.
Rice, C.C. S/Sgt   Trolley Passengers
Rice, Jonthan B. Pfc 465th Sub-Depot p4, orig mbr. MOS 931 = Truck Driver, Heavy. p8; p42, was in the Crash Crew. P66, was selected for transfer to Infantry Reinforcement Training in Feb 45. He and the others "are all skilled men, experienced in their jobs, having been with the Sub Depot since its activation and it will be difficult to replace them. It was with considerable reluctance that the Sub Depot submitted their names, but we all feel certain that they will give as good an account of themselves as Infantrymen as they did as Air Corps Specialists."
Rice, Paul L Sgt 576th Cryptographer (Code Compiler)
Rice, W.W. S/Sgt   Trolley Passengers
Richards, Clarence E. Cpl 10th SCS Per SO#79, 21Nov43, attended a Fire fighting course. Per 2BD SO 63, 4Mar44, xferred to 326th SCS, Sta 143. Mos 765
Richards, Joseph Pvt 577th MOS 747 = Airplane and Engine Mechanic
Richards, Lewis H. Pfc 578th MOS 683 = Bombsight Mechanic (Sperry)
Richards, William H. Sgt 578th In Fall 89 2ADA Journal, he was called "the top notch tech supply Senior Sergeant" of the 578th BS.   578th Tech Supply
Richardson, Theodore R. Pvt 577th MOS 747 = Airplane and Engine Mechanic
Richler, Melvin W. Pvt 579th MOS 747 = Airplane and Engine Mechanic
Riddle, Richard E. 1/Lt 576th 576th Sq Engineering Officer
Rieberger, Joseph F. T/5 10th SCS Per 2BD SO 112, 22Apr44 (B5339) was on DS to Sta 132 and now transferred to 10th SCS. MOS 060
Riecks, W.H. Cpl   Trolley Passengers
Riecks, Walter H. Sgt 10th SCS. 465th Sub Depot p4, orig mbr. MOS 256 = Welder, Combination. p69, worked in the welding shop. Was apparently nicknamed "Duck".
Riehl Jr, Jacob J. T/5 2101st FF Pl Per LFW, went to Sta #158 on 20 Dec44 to pick up the CARDOX crash-fire truck for the Sta
Rietberg, Benjamin A. Cpl 577th  
Rietschol, Edward C. Pvt 579th MOS 555 = Aircraft Sheet Metal Worker
Rifkin, Paul N. Cpl 10thStaCompSq  
Riggs Jr, Clarence M. Pvt 577th MOS 050 = Carpenter (Construction)
Rigsbee, Paul N. Pvt 579th MOS 747 = Airplane and Engine Mechanic
Riha, Emil F. Capt Gp Hq Sta Dental Surgeon - 392nd Staff Officers 3May45   Hospital Staff, 20 Feb 1944   Officers   Riha and Cole
Riley, Harry F. Pvt 577th MOS 929 = Automotive Equipment Operator
Rinaldi, John Pvt 577th MOS 521 = Airman Basic
Ringwall, Carl J. Cpl GPHQ, 579th assigned to GpHQ, indefinite TD with 579th. MOS 867. Awarded Good Conduct Medal per GO#2, 27Apr45, GpHQ.
Riojas, Cayetano Pvt 579th MOS 521 = Airman Basic
Riopko Sgt 576th 576th Ground Crew #3, "A" Flight
Risewick, John F. Jr. Cpl 578th assigned, MOS 853
Risler, Arthur W. Pvt 577th MOS 555 = Aircraft Sheet Metal Worker
Risley, Loyal C. Pfc 579th MOS 911 = Airplane Armorer
Ritland, Theodore Cpl 579th 579th crew chief
Ritter   Photographic Section #2  
Ritter, Gilbert W. Pfc 576th MOS change from 521 to 055.Per SO#214, 13Oct44, TD from 4576th to GPHQ.
Ritter, Mal      
Rigginger, Leo M. Pvt 579th MOS 501 = Admin and Tech Clerk
Rix, Christopher B. Pfc 576th MOS 501 = Admin and Tech Clerk
Rizzo, Salvatore R. Sgt 579th  
Robbins, Leon T/5 guard, Det A, 1287th MP Co (Avn),  
Roberson, Artie B. Pvt 10thStaCompSq  
Roberts, Jesse Pvt 578th On 24Jun45 orders giving 30 days leave (fm Bob Harned) 35681988
Roberts, Julian H. 2/Lt 576th and 577th  
Roberts, Marvin J. S/Sgt    
Roberts, William L. Capt 10th StaCompSq., Gp HQ Was the 10th SCS Adjutant and Historical officer until 2 April 1944, when he was transferred to Group HQ and became the Group Equipment Officer. - Individual Photo   Roberts and Bambauer   Schildknecht and Roberts
Robertson, Darwin R. S/Sgt 576th TD to sighting and harmonization course
Robins, A.H. Capt   Trolley Passengers
Robins, Donald H. 2/Lt 576th 576th Sq Personal Equipment Officer - 576th Sqdn Officers #2   Ground Officers Mess
Robinson, Jess W. Pfc 10thStaCompSq  
Robinson, Richard A. S/Sgt 10thStaCompSq  
Robinson, Robert E. Sgt 577th Placed on indefinite TD with 1287th MPs.
Robinson, Robert M. Capt Gp Hq Gp Statistical Officer   Group Headquarters Photo
Robson, George I. S/Sgt 10thStaCompSq  
Roden, Jackie H. Sgt 577th reduced to Pvt for cause
Rodgers, Frederick V. Cpl 579th MOS 747 = Airplane and Engine Mechanic - 579th ground crew going on a pass
Roe Jr, Alexander Pvt 465th Sub-Depot  
Roe, Warren C. Cpl 465th Sub Depot MOS 932 = Special Vehicle Operator. With the Crash Crew. Was selected for transfer to Infantry Reinforcement Training in Feb 1945 - 465th Sub Depot photo #2
Roehler, Fred C. Jr. Cpl 579th assigned; MOS 867.Awarded Good Conduct Medal per GO#2, 27Apr45, GpHQ.
Rogers, E. Pfc   Trolley Passengers
Rogers, H.H. S/Sgt   Trolley Passengers
Rogers, John C. Pfc 579th MOS 747 = Airplane and Engine Mechanic
Rogers, M.W. Cpl   Trolley Passengers
Rohrbaugh, Guy M. Pfc 10th SCS Per SO#152, 5Aug44, MOS change from 521 to 590.Per SO#225, 28Oct44, MOS change from 590 to 677. Per SO#39, 20Feb45, transferred to 12th Reinf Depot for transfer to infantry,MOS 677.
Rohrkaste, Robert H. M/Sgt 10th SCS; 577th p8, an inspector. Assigned to 577th per 392 orders 28Sep43. Per SO#73, 1May44, MOS change from 751 to 750. Per SO#150, 2Aug44, indefinite TD with 10th SCS for duty with Station Technical Inspector.
Rojo, Martin V. Pvt 577th MOS 521 = Airman Basic
Rolke, Albert W. Sgt 576th MOS 911 = Airplane Armorer
Rollin, Arnold W. Sgt 576th MOS 911 = Airplane Armorer
Rollins, G.M. Cpl 577th  
Romero, Tomas T/Sgt 576th Assigned by 2BD.
Romo, Marcelo Q. Cpl 10thStaCompSq  
Romska Ernest A., Jr. 1/Lt 578th 578th Personal Equipment Officer; per LFW, 578th EM Combat Mess Officer. - Individual Photo
Rooff, Harold W. M/Sgt 578th 578th Asst Line Chief.Per LFW, he devised an emergency brake system for the B-24 that ground checked in excellent fashion.
Roop, William A. Pvt 579th MOS 555 = Aircraft Sheet Metal Worker
Root, Harvey L. Pvt 579th MOS 747 = Airplane and Engine Mechanic
Root, Leslie L. Jr. Pfc 577th Airplane and Engine Mechanic - Individual Photo
Rosanio, James N. Pvt 576th and 578th MOS 521 =Airman Basic.Per 578th roster 5Aug44, was a Medic.
Rosavak, Herman      
Rosavak, Herman 2/Lt 578th and 577th  
Rose, Domenic Cpl 10thStaCompSq  
Rose, Aaron L. Cpl 576th MOS 501 = Admin and Tech Clerk
Rose, O. Pvt 576th Cook
Rosen, Isaac Cpl 10thStaCompSq  
Rosenfeld, Carl B. T/Sgt 577th  
Rosenthal, Edward Pfc 578th 578th KP
Rosenthal, Edward B. Pfc 577th MOS 911 = Airplane Armorer
Ross, Elvin R. Pfc 1287th MP Co Det A  
Ross, Gene R. Pvt 576th transferred to Disciplinary Training Center #4 per SCMO #17, 392nd, 4Mar44
Ross, Joseph R. Pvt 579th MOS 945 = Photo Lab Technician - Vivian, Ross, Geary, Holloman
Ross, M.F. S/Sgt   Trolley Passengers
Rossi, Fred Sgt 403d Hq & Base Serve Sq ASG MOS changed from 552, Control Tower Operator to 822, Utilities NCO.Per LFW, assigned to 10thStaComp
Rossiter, Albert E. Capt 2101st FF Pl Station Fire Marshall - Crash Crew 10Mar44
Roti, Dominick A. Pfc 576th MOS 060 = Cook
Rounsavail, Garland E. Sgt 10thStaCompSq  
Rounsavall, G.E. Sgt   Trolley Passengers
Rounthwate, R.W. Cpl   Trolley Passengers
Rowe, Junius M. Pvt 578th MOS 747 = Airplane and Engine Mechanic.Per 578th roster 5Aug44, he was the 578th C&B Clerk. - Rowe and Bambauer
Rowe, Robert F. Cpl 465th Sub Depot MOS 932 = Special Vehicle Operator. Was in the Transportation shack when it was hit by an RAF A-20. Was in the Crash Crew - 465th Sub Depot photo #2
Rowe, William H. Pvt 579th MOS 521 = Airman Basic
Rowean, Joseph P. Pfc 578th MOS 911 = Airplane Armorer - 578th Sqdn Armament Section
Rozgonyi, Andrew J. Pvt 577th MOS 678 = Power Turret Gunsight (Sperry); Airplane Armorer
Rubanich S/Sgt 10th SCS p2, xferred to 74th Svc Sqdn on 3Jan44
Rubillio, Frank A. S/Sgt 579th assigned
Rubin, David S. 1/Lt 1217th QM Svc Gp Asst Sq QM Off.Per May94 News, "was shipped to the ETO with the 9th Air Force, but somehow the 8th got him and wouldn't let him go.He arrived at Wendling on Dec. 16, 1943.He was the assistant base Quartermaster at Wendling and later transferred to the 44th at Shipdham." - 1217th-QM-Co-AVN-May-1994 NEWS   Individual photo
Rudanich, John S/Sgt 10th SCS; 74th Svc Sq xferred from 10th to 74th. MOS 060=cook
Ruddell, H.W. Pfc Pfc   Trolley Passengers
Rugh, Curtin G. Sgt 10thStaCompSq  
Ruiz, Henry A. Pvt 577th MOS 521 = Airman Basic
Ruiz, Jesus D. Pvt 579th MOS 521 = Airman Basic
Rumbold, Chester E. S/Sgt 577th Individual photo   Individual photo
Rumery, Donald P. Pfc 1217th QM Svc Gp 1217th QM Co - 1217th-QM-Co-AVN-May-1994 NEWS
Rupard, Thomas A. S/Sgt 578th Radio Mechanicanic, AAF.Per 578th roster 5Aug44, was Radio Mechanic - 578th Sqdn Communications Section
Ruple, Richard J. Pvt 1825th Ord MOS 348 = Parts Clerk, Automotive. 3550085
Rush, James P. Pvt 578th 578th Truck Driver. Per SO#41, 12Mar44, MOS 590 = Laborer. Per SO#143, 26Jul44, MOS change from 590 to 345. Per 2BD SO 67, 8Mar44, xferred from 492nd to 392nd. MOS 590.
Rusling, Oliver W. (CWS) 1/Lt 806th Cml Co Det A Sta Chemical Officer - 392nd Staff Officers 3May45   Rusling and Dye
Russak, Morris H. Capt 10th SCS p3, asgned to 10th on 22Feb44 by 392 orders; 10th Sta Technical Inspector
Russell, Robert K. (CWS) 1/Lt 867th Cml Co Det A  
Ruth, C.G. Sgt   Trolley Passengers
Ruth, Curtis T/Sgt 806th Chem Co. & 1287th MP Det xferred to 1287th in Jan 44 from 806th Chem Co. Awarded Good Conduct Medal per GO#3, 30May44, Sgt, 10th SCS.
Ruth, Curtis G. Sgt 10th SCS; 403rdASG Transit Billeting Quarters under the supervision of Sgt Curtis Ruth and Pfc Luebke. It is their task to house all transits arriving at this station, and many a night finds them hustling around dishing out bedding to the new arrivals. These boys are envied though for their private beautiful sleeping accommodations, which they have fixed up to look like one’s own comfortable room back home. Per SO#73, 1May44, MOS change from 237 to 566.
Ruvel, R.G. Cpl   Trolley Passengers
Ryan, Kenneth J. Pvt 577th MOS 555 = Aircraft Sheet Metal Worker
Ryan, Martin J. Pvt 579th MOS 060 = Cook
Rye, Joe J. Pfc 578th MOS 928 = Automotive Equipment Mechanic