392nd Bomb Group


Many of the photographs on the links were compiled from the 392nd Memorial Association archives by the late Ernie Barber, group archivist and the 392nd 2nd Generation researchers from relatives and loved ones. They are intended to be viewed for private use and not to be published without written consent from one of the 392nd BGMA researchers. You may contact them through our questions form (leaving airman form boxes empty).Click here for the form.  We continue to update this section on a weekly basis with additional information and photos.

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Name Rank Unit Comments Photo
Vacker, Lester Pfc 577th MOS 911 = Airplane Armorer
Vaderhye, George Cpl 10thStaCompSq  
Vaeth, Herbert A. Pvt 10thStaCompSq Worked in Transportation
Valadez, Arthur Pvt 578th Gp HQ Per SO#90, 19May44, transferred from Air Corps to Medical Corps. Awarded Good Conduct Medal per GO#5, 20Jul44. Per SO#19, 25Jan45, transferred to 12th Reinforcement Depot for transfer to infantry. MOS 345.   Group Headquarters Photo
Valasquez, R. Sgt   Football Team
Vallejo, I.M. T/Sgt   Trolley Passengers
Valles Pvt 576th 576th Refueling Unit
Valles, Martin J. Pvt 578th MOS 931 = Heavy Automotive Equipment Operator
Van Buhler, Donald J. Pfc 577th MOS 911 = Airplane Armorer
VanHuss, Walter J. Sgt 465th Sub-Depot MOS 502 = Administsrative NonCommissioned Officer - 465th SubDepot Personnel   Cletracs Basketball Team 1944
Van Seoyk, David S. Cpl 579th  
Van Sickle, Harry E. Pvt 1825th Ord S&M Co  
Van Sickle, Herschel P. Cpl 576th assigned; MOS 867 = Radar Mechanic.Per SO#239, 13Nov44, TD for a course of instruction in SCR 584.  RCM & H2X Radar Men
Vanderhye, George Cpl 10th SCS Trolley Passengers - 10th SCS
VanHuss, Walter J. Sgt 74th Svc Sq; 465th Sub-Depot p4, orig mbr. MOS 502 = Administsrative NonCommissioned Officer. p6. P60, was transferred from the Stock Record Section to the Shipping and Receiving Dept. Awarded Good Conduct Medal per GO#5, 20Jul44.
VanSickle, Harry E. Pvt 1825th Ord assigned, MOS 590
Vargo, Albert F. Pvt Gp Hq MOS 521 = Airman Basic
Vasko, Edward P. Pvt 577th MOS 747 = Airplane & Engine Mechanic
Veenstra, Lambert Pvt Gp Hq, 576th and 578th Airman Basic.Per 578 roster 5Aug44, Ordnance Worker
Veesaert, Marlin J. Sgt Gp Hq Gp Awards Chief and Statistician - Awarded the good Conduct Medal per SO#99, 28Dec43, "who after 7 Dec 1944 having honorably served one year of active Federal Military service while the US is at war has displayed exemplary behavior efficiency and fidelity during such service.  Group Headquarters Photo
Velasquez, Ernest J. Cpl 579th Per SO#92, 22May44, reduced to Pvt for inefficiency. Per SO#91, 21May44, SD with 1287th MPs. Per SO#190, 16Sep44, MOS change from 747 to 590.
Velazquez, Rudolph V. Pvt 577th MOS 014 = Automotive Mechanic (2nd Echelon)
Vendetti, Frank J. S/Sgt 1287th MP Co Det A  
Venditelli, Arthur A. Pvt 1825th Ord MOS 060 = Cook. 31179326/ detached service enroute to join from Olmsted Field, Middletown, PA.
Vernon, James R. Pvt 577th MOS 747 = Airplane and Engine Mechanic
Verrier Jr, Arthur J. Pvt 579th MOS 747 = Airplane and Engine Mechanic
Viau, Raymond J. Pvt 579th MOS 929 = Automotive Equipment Operator
Vickers Ben L. Jr. M/Sgt 10thStaCompSq Per LFW, placed on Detached Service in Mar45 to North Pickenham to help set up their runway lighting system - Individual Photo
Vidra, Richard H. Sgt 578th 578th RUO - Baird, Vidra & Jones
Viera, Donald C. Sgt 576th assigned; MOS 853.Per OO#1, 25May45, flew back to Bradley Field o/a 28May45 aboard 42-50647.
Villanueva, Paul W. Pvt 578th 578th KP
Villareal, Jesus Pfc 10thStaCompSq  
Villareal, Filemon C. Pfc 579th MOS 754 = Radio Mechanic, AAF
Vincent, Custer L. Sgt 465th Sub-Depot Original member of the 465th. MOS 501 = Administrative & Technical Clerk. In September 1944, won a 2-day pass in the 8thAF Victory Sqdn War bond drive - 465th SubDepot Personnel
Vinton, Creighton E. Pvt 576th Airman Basic
Visconti, R.A T/Sgt   Trolley Passengers
Vitale, Chester S. Pvt Gp Hq and 576th Airman Basic
Vivian, Sammy Sgt 579th 579th Sq Operations Clerk. Per LFW, won the 2AD Skeet Shooting Champtionship with a perfect score, 50-50. - Vivian, Ross, Geary, Holloman   Halloran and Vivian
Vlach, Emil Pvt 577th MOS 861 = Surgical Technician
Voelkel, Finney D. T/4 1825th Ord S&M Co Awarded the Soldier's Medal for heroic actions 5Dec43
Vogel, Blaze A. Cpl 10thStaCompSq; 465th Sub Depot; 403rdASG MOS 928 = Automotive Equipment Mechanic. Per 403rd history, has the well-earned reputation of being the best mechanic around these parts.
Vojtik, Joseph T/4 1825th Ord MOS 821 = Quartermaster Supply Technician. 16016038
Volkman, Zelo K. Cpl 10thStaCompSq  
Volos, Edward S. Pfc 10thStaCompSq  
Volpe, Paul J. Sgt 576th TD to Sta 123 for 10 days for duty at 1080th Signal Co.Per SO#277, 29Dec44, MOS change from 860 to 853.Returned to Bradley Field CT aboard 42-95299 per OO#1, 25May45; MOS 853.
Vorbleski, W.F.     Trolley Passengers
Vundershee, T. Sgt   Trolley Passengers